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Do You Have A Role In The Gun Control Dispute?

Wednesday, 9th January, 2013 

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Before you say “no” – it’s too political or divisive an issue -- consider this.

We’re a watershed. We can act now or let the problem fall off the backburner into later – when the momentum is gone.
The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting of children and heroine staff is beyond horror.
So were other shootings – including those gunning down managers and employees working – who didn’t expect a disgruntled employee returning with a gun.

Gun control is one part of the problem, so is the climate of violence. And it’s in our workplace, it’s in the malls and movie houses in which we shop and visit.

Those who suggest that if criminals have guns, the rest of us need to arm ourselves argue the ultimately ridiculous. Should we send 6 year olds or elementary school teachers to school armed to defend themselves against intruders with body armor and assault weapons? Do we all pack when we go to a restaurant, movie or beach?

We have to limit those who gain access to assault weapons and change the climate which allows those with chips on their shoulders to think the unthinkable and then aggrandize them when they commit acts of horror. It doesn’t seem viable simply to say they’ll be punished – most of them take their own lives before being caught – or exult in the media as they’re lock-stepped into prison.

We license those who drive cars and require them to renew licenses, what about guns? And while I’m completely okay with hunters and those who want them for personal protection can get guns with six shots, I don’t think we need easily available assault weapons.

Clearly politicians and the media have a role.

What about us? After all, if something is to change, the time can be now.

Recently I taught in a training seminar about Paul O’Neill at ALCOA who achieved a worker injury rate one-twentieth of that at other manufacturing plants. Because he took safety seriously, he made it a number one priority until it became part of the company’s culture.

Can the rest of us as employees and managers similarly target violence and its ugly sister, bullying?
We need to step up. The children murdered were ours; we don’t need another Sandy Hook. The workplace world isn’t separate from the rest of the world, it is part of it.
I believe if all of us take pieces of this we can make a difference and create lasting change.

p.s. I asked Rick (Birdsall) to create an informative two-hour seminar “Guns in the Workplace” to guide managers, supervisors and others on this challenging topic. If you’d like an announcement, it’s on our website (www.thegrowthcompany.com).

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Wednesday, 9th January, 2013 7:40 PM

you tell it!

Sunday, 24th February, 2013 4:01 PM

Thanks! Lynne

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