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The Workplace Coach is your source for insights, solid information, on-target solutions and answers to your questions. We consider Workplace Coach a management/HR 911 & 411. Our commitment to you is immediate responses (within 1 to 24 hours) to your comments and questions as well as intriguing, hard-hitting articles & commentary on effectively navigating workplace reality. Read more
















The Growth Company, Inc.

The Growth Company provides over 3500 clients in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest consulting, human resources assistance, management, employee and Board training and organizational strategy services.

Founded in 1978, our consultant team offers over 110 years of expertise in human resources; strategic planning; training; investigations; consulting; and mediation. Our mission at TGC is to improve the work place, one organization at a time. All of our services can be customized. 

For more information on The Growth Company, Inc. please visit or company website.