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Solutions, by Dr. Lynne Curry

You love these posts - here's a chance to get 60 of the best from 3 decades.


Well-indexed and written in Curry's direct, easy-to-read style, Solutions contains the best case histories and advice that have appeared here on the blog and in newspaper/magazine columns.


"Whether you are an employee or an employer, this book will resonate. Unless you have been living under a rock, you have already been exposed to many of these problems that cause conflicts at work, resulting in stress and lost productivity, and negatively affecting health and happiness."

















The Growth Company, Inc.

The Growth Company provides over 3500 clients in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest consulting, human resources assistance, management, employee and Board training and organizational strategy services.

Founded in 1978, our consultant team offers over 110 years of expertise in human resources; strategic planning; training; investigations; consulting; and mediation. Our mission at TGC is to improve the work place, one organization at a time. All of our services can be customized. 

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