Why You Shouldn’t Fire An Employee On A Friday

Why You Shouldn’t Fire An Employee On A Friday


I’ve been told to never to fire an employee on Friday, but always thought that was the best day to do it, so they could have the weekend to get over it before looking for a new job on Monday.


Few “get over” being fired in two days. It’s a major blow. Instead, they have two whole days to consider what an “unfair idiot” their former boss was, how wronged they were and to work up enough anger to contact an attorney or regulatory agency on Monday. They also have the weekend to tell their side of the story to friends and family who may know exactly the right attorney.

If you terminate an employee, do so in the beginning or middle of the week so they have time to take positive action, such as filing for unemployment and submitting their resume for jobs that interest them. They may quickly find several job opportunities that make them feel you firing them turned out to be a blessing.

Also, if you can, find a time when few others are in the office, for example, over the noon hour or at the end of the day. It’s best if your employee can pack up their personal items and leave when few others are present, so they don’t think they’re taking the “walk of shame” or having to engage in uncomfortable conversations.

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