How Do I Deal With A Job That Gives Me Anxiety?

How Do I Deal With A Job That Gives Me Anxiety?


I like to do one thing at a time and do it well. In my current job, my boss expects me to multi-task and his priorities change from minute to minute. He gives me instructions while he’s flying out the door and isn’t around when I have questions. I try hard but often guess wrong. He piles one assignment on top of the last and gives me unreasonable deadlines.

I make a lot of mistakes and so go home feeling worried, nauseous and stressed every night. My boss tells me I do a good job, but I think he doesn’t believe he could hire anyone better for this pressure cooker of a job so he puts up with me.  I need help.


Is this job right for you?  Your boss’s operating style doesn’t appear to mesh with your preferred working style. What keeps you in a job that ties your stomach in knots?

If you choose to stay in this job, ask your boss for his honest opinion of your work.  If he still responds, “you do a good job,” tell him you worry about the number of mistakes you make.

If he says “we all make mistakes” or “the fact that you want to do tasks right goes a long way with me” or “you keep up with my pace better than most,” listen. You may be projecting your own negative views onto your boss and need to stop judging yourself so harshly.

Next, job assignments often don’t come at employees in the way they want, they come at employees in the manner easiest for their supervisors. As an employee, however, you can let your boss know you could do a better job for him if he made a couple of changes. Let him know your thoughts about his deadlines and ask him to give you a way to reach him with questions. If, however, if things remain they are, think again about changing jobs.

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