Seeking Your Creative Solutions: The Real Reason None of Us Want to Travel on Planes

There’s a reason none of us want to travel on airplanes, that transcends the quarantine issues that we face on landing: our fellow passengers.

A Washington Post news story recounts how a man returning from the lavatory with a mask dangling from his ear responded to a flight attendant asking him to put it on properly. “Why? Is something going on that I should know about?” the passenger asked. He then ripped his mask off, tear the string and say, “Damn it, I guess I can’t wear it now.”

The Post also describes a passenger who nibbled her way through a large bag of popcorn kernel by kernel, sliding through the loophole airlines provide for removing mask when eating or drinking.

Here’s the question: what do blog readers think the rest of us can do? If we can answer that, we can save lives on and off planes.

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