2nd Short Story Accepted & Summer in Alaska

A literary magazine accepted my second short story (first since my 20’s when I abandoned writing for a day job) & it’s summer in Alaska, what could be better? I’m 3 chapters into my 2nd novel: YAY retirement! (but not from writing). The http://www.workplacecoachblog.com is part of my present/future as we all navigate these challenging times. So many of you have asked if I’ll still consult and I’m currently working with 8 clients, and am finishing up the 4th of 4 nonfiction book proposals, all requested. There’s lots of time for hiking (it’s Johnson Lake above). I hope to hear from some of you, would love your comments on the blog, to know what topics you’d like me to post on, and learn from you how you’re navigating the journey ahead.

2 thoughts on “2nd Short Story Accepted & Summer in Alaska

  1. Congrats! Am always happy when fellow writers find their stride in fiction, as it can get pretty discouraging just ploughing on without inspiration. Thanks for sharing and all the best in your future writing pursuits!

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