The view and more of the story

I’m hoping you’re enjoying my posts. Three a week focused on workplace solutions, and on Wednesday, a personal one. The view, above, is what I see from the cabin.

When a local newspaper published my first poem at 8, it ignited a desire to change the world with my writing. At 16 the desire to eat pushed me to take a day job. Writing remained a joy but became a hobby; for 38 years I’ve written a weekly “dear Abby of the workplace” newspaper column, but published only two poems and one short story. began in 2014 and I hope you love it.  I’m making it better, by compartmentalizing the new posts, but that’s a work in progress.  A literary magazine just accepted a short story and three publishers have my debut novel in their hands. Here’s the pitch: Jess discovers that the perfect man she’s met on an Internet dating site is a white-collar criminal—and that she’s his latest target.

Life is EXCITING. Thank you for sharing it with me.


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