It’s Official: It’s Working:)

I just sold my 3rd short story.

The first story I wrote in my teens and sold in my 20’s. Then I set writing aside for a fulfilling career as a management consultant and trainer, however, I never fully gave up the writing dream. When I retired 5/27/20 I started writing, and sold two short stories in June.

Here’s what the editor who accepted it wrote: This story is nothing short of brilliant. This is one of the better submission to our literary magazine regarding the coronavirus. This is definitely a relatable story to anyone involved in the current state of the world. The story builds up with ever increasing drama until the last sentence which demonstrates the finality of experiencing all society’s insanity. Well-done!

And for those of who love beauty, the photo above shows you where I live and was taken by a friend who wrote “You realize the most important thing you’re writing is the next chapter of your life:)

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