Down 8 pounds & Up 69 countries

Since my transition into writing 3/4 time and consulting 1/4 time on May 27th I’ve lost 8 pounds in 80 days. The photo above, my personal trainer who insists on hiking at least 4.6 miles a day.

The blog grows daily, with 2681 visitors from 69 countries reading posts in 14 areas, including bullying; business; career; coaching & counseling COVID-19; discipline; human resources & operations; leadership; legal aspects of management; management & supervision; office politics; personal growth; professional growth; and virtual teams.   A huge thank you to everyone who reads it, comments on it or who has subscribed (totally free & an easy way to have the posts delivered to you without hassle).

Am very excited about the short stories I’ve sold and the three nonfiction books I’m contracted to write.

For those of who keep asking, “how are you doing in retirement?” the answer is “I LOVE it.”


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