Time to Get Personal; To Share Joy; To Say Thank You

We had our masked Christmas. My son & granddaughter visited; my daughter & grandson & granddaughter face-timed. We wore masks, physically distanced; still connected. My daughter a first responder; my son “essential”; I pray daily.

(Angel) Gabriel brought fresh joy & chaos to the house. As did another new addition.

“I plan to grow into it”
our family has a new fairy princess & she has a photo she’ll need to live down

I’m fortunate. Alaska’s beauty makes walking a pleasure and despite the only 5-6 hours of sunlight, the walks take place under a watercolor/paintbrush sky.

My personal trainer (below) coached me through 1156 miles since COVID began, shaving 9 pounds off me; he daily urges me to up the 4 to 5 miles a day.

You’ve been part of my joy as well, all of your comments, your Ask A Coach questions. 2094 of you have subscribed, roughly 2K of you visit monthly from 89 countries. I thank you.

I started the blog to help heal the world. My corner is the workplace, but I pray past my corner that this year we’ll figure out how to tackle climate change and feed those who are hungry.

And in my backyard the action is ongoing.

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