Attract & Hire Outstanding, Accountable Employees

Do your job ads attract highly talented candidates that will propel your company to success 2021?

Or, when you open your or LinkedIn job accounts, do you sift through piles of “good but not great” resumes?

Change your ad

Which ad would attract you if you were searching for a new job?

Ad #1 makes statements like “Our company is one of a kind;” “we value employees, treat them well,” and “We have little turnover and want to keep it that way”

Ad #2 “PQR Company needs a top-notch administrative professional for a high demand position.”

An amazing number of employers write job postings that read like job descriptions. If you want to attract outstanding employees, write ads that lead individuals scanning dozens or even hundreds of ads to open your posting.

Create a list for what makes your company unique, along with the benefits your company provides those who work for it. Ask your high-producing team members what they most like about your company—you might even gain a few quotes with which to pepper the job postings you place.

Consider what your employees hope to find and not find in a position and employer. When I created a job announcement for a medical clinic’s practice administrator, the third sentence read, “Our five physicians like each other and work well together.” The ad pulled hundreds of interested candidates. Fifty percent of those who called on the ad asked, “Do the physicians actually like each other? I’ve never worked for a practice where that was true and couldn’t pass up your job posting.” 

An effective ad operates as a screening tool, causing those without the experience or expertise you seek to realize they need not apply. If you want someone with five or more years’ experience in a certain area or individuals with a specific certificate, add one or more lines detailing the required qualifications. This information both dissuades those lacking the needed qualifications, and signals to those possessing these requirements that you wrote the ad for them.

Social media and “word of text” (replacing word of mouth) also uncovers and attracts candidates not already on the job market. Ask each of your current team members to advertise your company’s position to their connections. When we seek applicants for entry positions, we find many of the best candidates via announcements on Facebook ( and Twitter.

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6 thoughts on “Attract & Hire Outstanding, Accountable Employees

  1. Peggy, it’s a great and common question. Many employers hesitate to put salary ranges in an ad. My own research (3 decades plus) tells me that candidates are more likely to respond to ads that include pay ranges. A compromise is Salary DOE. Applicants often hesitated to ask the pay range, though it’s one of their first hidden questions.

  2. Lynn,

    How do you feel about putting the companies Core Values in the job ad? They speak strongly to the companies commitment to the employees and clients.

    1. Hi, Melissa, it’s a good idea to talk about what makes your organization special in a job posting.

  3. These are great recommendations for a job ad that doesn’t read like a job description and helps tell applicants in advance about the company and its values.

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