What 5 attorneys, 21 business leaders, 6 HR professionals, 13 non-profit organization leaders and 4 authors say about Managing for Accountability

  1. “I cannot hardly wait to add Lynne’s book, Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox, to my business leadership collection. Lynne’s no-nonsense approach to recruiting, hiring, developing, and managing a culture of accountability in the workforce provides today’s business leaders with a comprehensive proven toolset. Leaders can adopt her holistic step-by-step approach to building highly accountable and effective teams and draw on Lynne’s years of experience and success.” Jim Bates, President, LMJ Consulting; President, Project Management Institute Alaska Chapter; Business Owner, Business Improvement Group, Inc.
  • “I love this book! Lynne Curry cuts through ‘theory’ and gives leaders specific actions they can take now to bring their organizations to new heights of success. This book is a practical guide for leaders on how to inspire and engage team members in any type of organization. Managing for Accountability outlines practical and actionable steps to attract, inspire, and motivate employees to take full responsibility for organizational success.  Itshows you how to motivate by linking employee goals to organizational goals, ensuring a win-win for all.  Lynne Curry has distilled her decades of expertise into this short, pithy read. Your organization will benefit and your staff will be engaged and inspired when you start using Lynne’s wise and practical advice.”  Barbara Elfman Bell, Chief People & Culture Officer of Rural Alaska Community Action Program, Inc.
  • “Positive. Practical. Succinct. Wise. In Managing for Accountability, Dr. Lynne Curry taps her vast experience to offer a top-notch handbook for those striving to manage with integrity and skill. For quality hires and measurable productivity, this gem of a book is chock-full of insights, language, and methods you’ll want to keep handy.” Award-winning author and former small business owner, Cheryl Bostrom
  • “Lynne Curry’s Managing for Accountability puts 39 years of management consulting experience into one easy-to-read tool for managers at levels. I’d attended several of Lynne Curry’s management and coaching seminars over the years. Her ideas are easy to implement and they deliver measurable results. In this new book, a compilation of her tools and tricks of the trade are now available to everyone. Not every company can afford the time or money to send every manager to intensive management training. I’m so pleased Dr. Curry has created this tool for us to utilize with our staff!” Dee Buchanon, owner, Apex Marketing and Alaska Statewide Director of Marketing, Subway Development, Inc.
  • “Dr. Lynne Curry has assisted me, partners, and employees through challenges for more than three decades. She’s helped us to work together professionally to achieve our potential, always focused on excellence at the end of the day.  She has always been responsive, straightforward, and direct with her meaningful advice and counsel assisting me to develop and grow in leadership.  Her new writing, Managing for Accountability: A Business Leaders Toolbox, will now become a top choice in my library of recommended reads.  Being accountable, and teaching/training for accountability should be a focus of every business leader’s life and work.” Larry Cash, Founder and Chair of the Board, RIM Alaska, California, Guam, Hawaii
  • “We’ve reviewed Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox and consider it invaluable. Building a culture of accountability is essential to any organization’s success.  Lynne Curry has provided our agency sound and strategic human resources advice for two decades. Her amazing expertise has helped us to handle extremely difficult HR situations.” Bess Clark, Executive Director, Community Connections, Inc.
  • “Peter Drucker said, ‘Culture eats strategy for lunch.’  If you are struggling with meeting your company vision, investing some time in reading Lynne Curry’s book should be high on your list.   Curry expertly covers how to assess your corporate culture and create a real, effective culture of accountability.” Todd Clark, President, DenaliTEK
  • “Lynne Curry writes about a topic she has lived with, taught on, and written about every day for many years. In her trainings, I have experienced the depth of her understanding when it comes to people and their relationships to their work. The advice column she produces rivals Dear Abby, except that they are aimed directly at the workplace and how to improve the work environment. I have enormous respect for Curry’s advice on how to make for a better, happier, more productive workforce.” Mike Coumbe, Deputy Director, Alaska Conservation Foundation
  • “This is a clearly written guide to achieving an accountable workplace, one in which managers and employees work for a common goal. Lynne Curry’s years of experience have produced a book that will be valuable to any organization.” Harry Cylinder, CPCU, ARM Risk and Insurance Consultant, Beacon Insurance Services
  1. “A must read for every business leader. Dr. Lynne Curry provides proven strategies to guarantee your team members are fully vested and committed to your organization’s success. It provides solid advice for virtually every situation that business leaders face on a daily basis. A definite tool that every leader–CEO, manager, supervisor–needs in their toolbox.” Paulette Dale, Ph.D, Professor Emeritus, Miami Dade College and Author, Did You Say Something, Susan?: How any woman can gain confidence with assertive communication
  1. “I can’t wait to purchase this book! Having an easily referenced guide containing Lynne Curry’s expertise for how to fix some of our organization’s most prevalent issues will be extremely valuable!” Debbie Davey, MBA, CRA, OCT-C, Director of Compliance and Risk Management, Board Recorder, Training Coordinator, Cross Road Health Ministries, Inc.
  1. “Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox fills a long overdue gap in hands-on leadership resources and will elevate the productivity of today’s workforce and instill in them a sense of pride and accountability for their work. Dr. Curry’s pragmatic approach to a foundational aspect of human relations – accountability and trust – artfully translates theory and concepts into a series of carefully considered steps to create an environment where accountability thrives – personal, team, and company-wide Reading this book is an easy and quick adventure and applying its principles will significantly enhance the ability of managers to promote a heightened sense of ownership.” Wilson Duffles, Vice President, Digital Solutions
  1. “Lynne Curry, Ph.D. masterfully and concisely outlines critical practices for business leaders. Her writing is clear and precise as she outlines how to identify core attributes for hiring the right employees and improving the performance of current employees. The book’s content is infinitely valuable and immediately accessible to the reader. Managing for Accountability is a must read for anyone looking to enhance their leadership and overall business development.” Francesca Eriminta, Customer Delivery Manager at Zoominfo
  1. Managing for AccountabilityA Business Leader’s Toolbox is a must have for every leader seeking to inspire stellar performance from each and every employee.  Similar to the adage that leaders are made and not born, accountability also is made and not born: it is created, ignited, and fueled by the thoughtful actions of exceptional leaders.  Lynne Curry has taken her four decades of human resources expertise and loaded this book full of anecdotes, methods, and tools for optimizing the commitment and results of employees.  Having worked extensively with Lynne during my tenure as a Chief Human Resource Officer in Alaska, I can attest that she is a woman of rare insight with the innovative solutions to match!  She has captured her wealth of experience, paired it with compassionate common sense, and provided a text that is refreshing and insightful.  This is a must read!” Gail Forrest, Senior Human Resources Consultant at Tandem HR
  1. “You may wish you had a MBA to handle your company’s challenges.  You could travel to a big university and spend thousands of dollars getting an advanced education.  Or you could grab this practical guide for success from an author with real experience.  I advise the latter.” David Frazier, President of David Frazier & Associates for 39 years
  1. “In Managing for Accountability, Dr. Curry delivers practical tools that managers and companies can use to immediately resolve issues.” Paula Harrison, Director, Human Resources and Labor Relations, Enstar Natural Gas
  1. Managing for Accountability speaks to a subject I have tried to impress upon employers and clients throughout my career…that accountability is key to a company’s success. Accountability has to be instilled in the culture of a company, fed down through the ranks and back up again to the entire executive and management teams.  Accountability cannot be just a buzz word, but an essential expectation of every individual within the company. Curry’s book offers readers her many years of experience and relays her message with eloquence, knowledge, and a high EQ.  Curry delivers a message that every employer needs to read, adhere to, and consistently apply to ensure their company’s success. I will be the first in line to purchase it for my current and future clients!” Debbie Heckendorn, PHR, SHRM CP, President, HR Virtual Partners, LLC.
  1. “Lynne Curry writes a timely book for organizations, managers, and leaders at all levels.  Her emphasis on “accountability” underlies the foundation of organizations with a trust-based learning culture of which we should all aspire. The disengagement between who we as leaders say we are and how we behave must be a central concern if we are to make meaningful change toward a well-aligned and competitive team.” Matt Heilala, President, Alaska Foot and Ankle Specialists
  1. “Lynne Curry is both an expert in her field and a professional with a knack for breaking challenges down and giving readers roadmaps to help them through difficulties and enabling them to see light at the end of the tunnel. Managing for Accountability is loaded with valuable information and guidance for becoming a better leader. The tools you’ll find will help you and your teams become better communicators, fostering internal and external growth.” Millie Johnson, Vice President of Shareholder Development at Chugach Alaska Corporation, a company with more than 5,000 employees
  • “The key to Lynne Curry’s advice is that it is indeed ‘actionable’. I have counted on her for advice and tips and found ‘ah ha’ moments in very one of her presentations.” Nancy Johnson, Vice President and General Manager, KTUU TV.
  • Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox is a common sense, tactical guide to better accountability. It’s full of things you know or should know — but often fail to make a priority—and must—in order to optimize talent (and talent is everything). Curry reminds us of practical, easy-to-use steps we can take to make better hires which lead to better retention and, most importantly, more accomplished organizations.” Karen King, President & CEO, Spawn Ideas
  • “Lynne Curry’s Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox is a step-by-step guide for working with and satisfying others. Use her tools and success will follow. She provides ways for you to intentionally create success for employees, giving them reasons to create unforeseen success for your business. You’ll get accountability and business success.” Paula M. Kramer, co-author in the international bestseller Voices of the 21st Century: Resilient Women Who Rise and Make a Difference and founder of Triumph Over Tragedy LLC.
  • “Lynne Curry’s new book drills down to the core of profit, management and organizational leadership via the relationship between accountability and leadership. The book is a terrific explanation of what accountability means to an organization, and its relationship to profit and leadership. For business people looking to understand the human as well as the financial cost of accountability, this is it.” Human Resources Attorney Charles Krugel
  • “Lynne Curry’s writing style is refreshing and easy to read. HR theory books and other self-help books are often written in a tone that is a bit too optimistic and leaves landmines for readers to be discovered as they attempt to implement the strategies. Curry doesn’t do that, and instead lays a great foundation for the learning the good, the bad, and the ugly of what accountability is and is not and how to be successful when fostering it. I can’t wait to share Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox with my leaders.” Stacy Laackmann, SPHR, Human Resources Director, Northern Valley Health, Inc.
  • “In Managing for Accountability, A Business Leader’s Toolbox, Dr. Lynne Curry lays out a roadmap for how to build & maintain a culture of accountability and optimal performance within an organization. From proper hiring & onboarding to best practices in performance-related coaching, this book is a one-stop-shop for all your management and performance related answers.” Gabrielle Logan, Team Lead, Internal Events, Samsara; Masters, Law Firm Management, George Washington University
  • Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox has exactly the information and guidance I’ve been seeking. It’s a practical read with a no-nonsense approach. It offers an easy how-to implementation guide for dealing with real on-the-job scenarios.  Thisis an excellent resource for leaders and managerswho want to keep their people skills sharp. After my first read, I found myself going back to key points I picked up from the book. I loved how the author held me, the reader, accountable for my work performance, even as she taught me to maximize the accountability of my employees. I was successfully able to execute these tools during on-the-fly conversations with employees. Curry delivers her straight-to-the-point professional advice in a way that easily implementable. A must read!” Brooke McLaughlin, Associate Broker, The Summit Group
  • “In an era in which many eschew responsibility, Lynne Curry’s book is a must-read that not only brings hope in understanding the problem of non-accountability, but also brings clarity in how to counteract the problem and set up a healthy organizational culture.  I wish I had this book when I was starting out in management!” Joel R. Medendorp, MBA, Interim Superintendent at Unity Christian Schools
  • “Lynne Curry is quite literally an expert in management and human resources and her new book provides the building blocks to foster a contagious culture of accountability. Curry’s easy-to-follow tips on engagement and self-assessment (among other topics) give managers a roadmap to success. Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox should be required reading for senior leadership.” Attorney Eric Meyer, Partner, FisherBroyles
  • “Managing for Accountability is for business leaders who are serious about success. Its pages are filled with proven strategies and the practical tools that you’ve been looking for. Get ready to ignite peak performance that will launch your organization to unprecedented heights. Warning! This book delivers on its promises; the rest is up to you.” Todd Michero, Lead Pastor, Community Covenant Church 
  • “So many organizations strive for accountability in their workplace but fall short of goals and expectations. Lynne Curry’s new book, Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox challenges leaders to step back and follow a chapter-by-chapter set of exercises to get us where we want to go.  Curry provides us tools and action plans we need, from recruiting the right employees to sustaining a highly accountable team. Who would not want employee who is engaged and giving 100% effort each day on the job?” Nancy Miller, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Past President, Programs Director, Alaska Society for Human Resource Management
  • Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox offers easily found answers to questions every responsible organization should be asking its leadership. For anyone who is looking for specific strategies for an issue or problem, the book is arranged in a manner that lets you go right to the section you need to find an answer quickly. The book is well-written and gives the reader a step-by-step process to help make improvements in employee attitude and work performance. I highly recommend the book as reading for all organizations. For managers, it’s a must read!” David Morgan, Director, Alaskan Center for Sustainable Healthcare
  • “Dr. Lynne Curry’s book Managing with Accountability inspires you to be a leader with compassion, empathy, and accountability. You will learn strategies to recruit and retain top-performing team members that allow room for individual growth and aspirations while focusing on your organization’s long term strategic goals. Using her own real-world examples, Curry radiates inspirational leadership and helps you create a healthy work culture that motivates your employees to always perform at their best.”  Brenda Pacarro, Workforce and Shareholder Development Supervisor/HR, Calista Corporation
  • “Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox’s author is brilliant, inspirational, creative, and brings a fresh and compassionate insight into the workplace. Itis a comprehensive and well-written guidebook that every executive, manager, and supervisor will want on their desk. It promotes new ideas for improving employee performance, morale, and the bottom line while creating new cultures. I write this as a business leader with 35 plus years working in the resource and technology industry, government, and the nonprofit sector. This book is a necessary read for management and leaders to succeed in a changing business world, as well as creating future workplace cultures.  It encourages leaders to lead by example and defines what accountability is and is not. It is a simple and humanitarian approach to sometimes complex workplace issues.Rebecca Parker, Executive Director of the Anchorage Senior Activity Center.
  • “A company culture that promotes employee accountability will have a competitive advantage in any market. Lynne Curry’s Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox provides business owners and executives with the skills and strategies that will inspire both managers and employees to be fully committed to, excited to participate in, and work hard for the company. Leadership is about learning, and this book will be a must read if you want to optimize your company’s most valuable resource – your employees.” D. Michael Rabe, Principal/Civil Engineer, CRW Engineering, LLC
  • “Of all the areas of business management, personnel issues are considered to be the most challenging, consuming the bulk of administrative effort and presenting some of the greatest areas of liability. Lynne Curry has long been recognized as a leading expert in the field of human resources and employee relations, bringing her creative skills to task.   Curry has long been the go to person, not only for my office, but for many clients, as well.   Curry has risen to the difficult task of resolving management/employee issues with a remarkable record of success in bringing the participants to mutually agreeable, positive results and to get companies back on track. Highly sought after for her unique and proven abilities.   Curry now shares many of her respected talents in her book Managing for Accountability.   The book is an excellent primer for all managers which should be required reading and kept close at hand as a resource to be consulted time and time again.” Attorney William Satterberg, Law Offices of William R. Satterberg Jr.
  • Managing for Accountability will be a tool every leader and manager will dog-ear and have in the top tray of their toolbox. Lynne pulls back the curtain to reveal in plain language the things aspiring leaders must know and master. She provides instruction for diagnosis that any thoughtful reader can apply as the first step toward culture awareness and transformation. Not stopping there, she prescribes the cure in practical if not personally challenging terms, assuring us the intellectual muscle burn is worth the sure results.” Pat Shier, recipient of the Governor’s Denali Award for Individual Leadership and National Cooperative Rx Executive Board Member 
  • “Accountability is one of my company’s core values, so Lynne Curry’s Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox is a welcome resource. Lynne offers insight into why accountability is important and provides tools to grow that behavior across the organization. As an added benefit, it is an easy read.” Tia Spade, Chief Administrative Officer, Cook Inlet Housing Authority
  • “In Managing for Accountability and in her writing and training, Lynne Curry gives managers, leaders, and employees’ practical tools to make work fast-paced, energizing, and a source of rejuvenation.  Workplace culture is malleable and asking yourself and others the right questions can positively transform your company and your relationships with colleagues.” Ramji Sriivasan, Founder and CEO at Teiko.bio
  • “Inspiring author and distinguished management consultant, Lynne Curry presents a toolbox that every team-member can benefit from. Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox is a must-have, well-written book using relatable experiences that companies can reference to elevate their team’s accountability. In multi-generational companies, regardless of the company size, we can all benefit from Curry’s expertise to elevate our HR ROI to 100 percent.” Gail Stelling, Controller, Arizona Commerce Authority
  • “Dr. Lynne Curry has long been the emergency responder for many Alaskan businesses. We have called Lynne to help us navigate the most challenging moments of growing our business from one to over two thousand employees over the last fifteen years. When a situation seemed impossibly mired in complexity and negativity, Curry would calmly and professionally chart a path out of the woods for us. In her book, Managing for Accountability, Curry has distilled the lessons of her long career creating solutions from conflict and dysfunction. She is a brilliant communicator who can distill complex strategies and techniques into accessible and action-oriented language, a skill she has clearly brought to the writing of this book.  Business leaders should have this one sitting on their desk for quick reference.” Dave Stephens, Chief Executive Officer, Ouzinkie Native Corporation and Katmai Government Services

  • “Lynne Curry has once again identified a key managerial and organization problem and honed in on practical, achievable, and quantifiable solutions. Creating an organization with accountability from top to bottom and reaping the benefits of a well-functioning team is worth the effort. This book gives a very good start.” Tom Van Flein, Chief of Staff and General Counsel at the U.S. House of Representatives
  • “I found Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox insightful and recognized the lack of accountability in our and other workplaces. As a leader, I appreciated the steps and questions presented to engage employees to get there. It made me reflect on my own management style and wonder if I am truly open as I think I am. I can’t wait for this book to be published.” Tiffany Van Horn, Vice President of Fairbanks Sewer & Water.
  • “Accountability is often seen as the anecdote to all ills as in make someone accountable for the result. Yet, we never divulge the tricks for making accountability stick … until now. This hands-on guide will show you where to focus and what to do to create an engaged, productive culture.” Wanda T. Wallace, Managing Partner of The Leadership Forum and Author of You Can’t Know It All:  Leading in the Age of Deep Expertise
  • “Over the past 15 years, our company has turned to Lynne Curry many times to help us with various aspects of our business.  In her new book Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox Lynne has assembled a collection of lessons learned from her decades of management experience, with lots of strategies and examples that can be applied on a daily basis.  This book belongs in every manager’s toolbox!” Roger Weese, President, Principal, RSA Engineering, Inc.
  • “I’ve been following Lynne Curry’s superb work as a successful management consultant and coach for over 25 years.  Her new book Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox fits right in line:  it’s excellent.  Lynne’s conversational and fast-paced writing style is wonderfully matched with her many pages of important principles for effectively leading people.  Her book set me straight: “accountability” is a much broader, less onerous principle than simply holding employees’ feet to the fire to achieve workplace results.  As Curry explains it, managing employees for accountability can upgrade any workplace culture.  She points out that managing for accountability can inspire employees to work harder with greater job satisfaction and, as a team, become fully united toward a common goal.  For a leader, what could be better than that?” Larry D. Wood, attorney and mediator
  • “Lynne Curry’s book provides inspiration as well as tangible and effective action steps for leaders to level up their workplace culture to one of accountability. Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox is a must-read for leaders who are committed to leading from the front and to learning and exemplifying accountability themselves.” Jennifer Woodward, Human Resources Manager, Chickaloon Village Traditional Council.

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  1. Yes! It’s a great book, well written with a punch and to-the-point style that gets down to business and gives action tips and encouragement while being real about consequences and problems. There is strong, positive vision here, and moral courage. A lot of value and actionable advice.

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