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Wondering if you’d like to weigh in on a topic I’m working hard on for my next book—spoiler alert—it’s a novel. The protagonist is confident in her work life, but not so in her personal life. By the end of the novel, she’ll have “taken out” an Internet dating site scam artist, but first she has to dig deep into who she is.

What are your thoughts? Why is it easier to succeed in one’s professional than personal life? Have any of you translated your professional successes into home life successes? Used your job skills with your kids and family?  Would love to hear from you.  

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  1. Maybe because carefully crafted, public personas can only be sustained for so many hours before they melt? They’re impossible to sustain 24/7. Behind our public “best selves” lie all our unfinished emotional and spiritual business. Our flawed worldviews. Our self-centeredness.

  2. I think the level of intimacy has a lot to do with it. Behaving professionally and doing your job well lead to success in the workplace but that’s not enough to succeed in your personal life. Successful personal relationships require giving grace and forgiveness, open and honest communication, and vulnerability.

    1. This is an interesting comment. I have been participating in a company provided Leadership Training series over the last several months. We’ve talked about giving grace, forgiveness and showing vulnerabilities within our Leadership Team in order to make ourselves more authentic leaders. Something to ponder while navigating these professional/personal aspects of ourselves.

  3. After bringing up my brood of children, I went looking for the adult world, but I didn’t find it. Nearly everything we meet in life, as to personal conflicts, will have been met in the nursery, or surely by third grade classroom. I always felt I was missing something I life. But I learned that my day care/childcare clients felt the same way. The mothers at work wish they could stay home. Those at home wish they could be earning money. I always wanted to be a professional writer, but I’m running out of time on that. I’m missing something, but I don’t know what it is. Meanwhile, remembering the Girl Scout code, I “help where I am needed,” and forge ahead with volunteering and doing some substitute teaching here and there.

  4. Lynne, I’ve participated in writing quite a few items over the years, but never a novel – especially of this sort. I’d love to try to add what I can.
    Lord knows I’ve ‘made it’, I’ve stumbled, I’ve survived, I’ve been counseled and counseled others.
    I’m in if you want.

    1. Thanks, Dan, I continue to value your comments. From time to time, I’ll post questions such as the ones in the above post and I value the insightful comments I’m receiving.

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