Just for Fun

He Was Different, Better

I slammed the phone down. Mom called me lonely, but she’d never liked any of my guys.

When I moved toward him, Bob flashed me an understanding look. Good thing he hadn’t heard her part of the conversation. If mom had ever taken the time to get to know Bob, she’d know he gave me respect and support.

Bob rolled his eyes. I was so lucky to have him.  He didn’t have to open his mouth all the time.

He swished his butt, swam another lap, looking so handsome in his fern-filled aquarium. I really should clean it.  

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4 thoughts on “Just for Fun

  1. Yes, sometimes our pets are our best friends and understand us the best! Thanks for the chuckles. They’re playing music in a variety of styles today for a free concert for all of us main floor patrons.

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