Would Love Your Thoughts on My Debut Novel’s Synopsis

Does this synopsis “grab you” and make you interested in reading more?

JESS Cassidy is engaged to the perfect man, an adventurous, big-living pilot, but when his plane crashes in an Alaskan winter storm, so do her dreams.

Once, Jess had been willing to take chances, but her faith in herself and her ability to choose the right man goes down with her fiancé’s Beechcraft. Three years after his death, Jess is still alone, devoted to her work as a high-powered HR executive and convinced no man can measure up to the love she lost. Still, she’s lonely, and plunges into Alaska’s dating pool, fearing slim pickings for a 46-year-old woman with an out-of-shape body.

Online, Jess meets MARTIN, a true good guy who continues to surprise but falls short in the “dream guy” department, and NATHANIEL, a hot, successful financial planner who checks all her boxes and expertly weaves a web of desire by subtly linking himself to what Jess loved about her fiancé. Even as Jess falls for Nathaniel and he whisks her into a fairy tale fantasy of romance, her HR brain kicks on signaling all is not as it seems.

Meanwhile, Jess’s work demands all her attention and reminds her she can trust her instincts and unravel difficult puzzles. She combats a serial workplace bully; supports an employee dealing with domestic violence; helps an employee battling cancer in danger of being fired, and investigates sexual harassment involving a corrupt senior manager.  .  

Then Zach, the principal investigator of a domestic violence case with one of Jess’s employees, enters the picture. Jess finds herself drawn to him, even though he’s nothing like the “perfect” man she had in mind.

Things turn sinister as Jess’s newfound love life takes an unexpected turn. Clues continue to add up and the truth rolls over Jess in a wave. She’s been targeted by a white-collar criminal who preys on older women using dating sites.

All her life, Jess has been susceptible to men she dreamed could protect her. This flaw led her into a tragic first marriage and powered the attraction she felt for her daring bush pilot fiancé.

This time, Jess wants to bring her HR investigative skills into her personal life and be the one that stops Nathaniel before he hurts others. Caught between her dream and reality, she puts together the information package that shows how Nathaniel operates, and volunteers to be the bait in his takedown in a remote Alaska lodge. There, Jess must dig deep to find courage she didn’t know she had, but that’s always been inside her.

Given what you read above, what novels have you read that are comparable in plot?

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9 thoughts on “Would Love Your Thoughts on My Debut Novel’s Synopsis

  1. Lynn,

    I think overall I’m hooked. Lots of twists and turns and I want to get to know more. However, I’m very hung up on the word victim – maybe instead of cancer victim – say an employee who’s at risk of losing his job due to his cancer treatment (diagnosis).

    Also, I’d love to hear a version of a woman thriving in Alaska that doesn’t revolve around a man – but that’s an idea for the next book.

    Is this based on you? Maybe just a little? Love the adventure and I think it will appeal to a wide audience – my suggestion above might be too niche for today’s readers.

    Good luck!

    Susan Stopher

    1. Susan, thanks! And while I’ve borrowed from my life (my fiance died 3 days before our wedding), Jess and the other characters are truly fictional. thanks for your saying you’re hooked!

  2. Sounds interesting. Need to add an “s” to “picking” in next the last line of parapragh 2 and “volunteers to be the bait” in the middle of the last paragraph. The fact that the heroine is an HR type might turn some people off, like a schoolmarm or librarian might but you know how to spice up HR Lynne!

  3. As I read Your synopsis, I get the feeling that when I finish the novel, I’ll know more about You. Projecting oneself, consciously or unconsciously, into a novel would seem to make it a much more personal and heartfelt story.

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