Accountability in the Workplace: a 1 hour session on how to create a thriving accountability culture

Law Office Manager & Medical Office Manager have teamed together to sponsor this fast-paced 1-hour manager/leader briefing.

Here’s what the briefing involves:

Building an Accountability Culture: Where Your Employees Stay & Your Organization Thrives

As managers, leaders and employers, we’ve been mauled by the pandemic and the great resignation.

It’s hard to find the right employees, to meet their expectations for a flexible workplace, high pay, and work/life balance, and still meet client, patient, customer, and owner and employer needs.

It’s time we got our game plan together, one in which we create a strong, pragmatic company culture that meets both employer and employee needs and creates real productivity.

Welcome to “Building an Accountability Culture Where Your Employees Stay and Your Organization Thrives.”

You’ll learn:

  • What accountability is and isn’t, and the payoff you’ll earn
  • How to attract new hires despite the talent war
  • The clues that help you select accountable employees who’ll work hard
  • The key steps for creating an accountable culture
  • How to inspire employees to work a one team
  • How to retain employees
  • How to press reset when an employee needs it
  • How to coach for increased accountability.

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