Gabriel (aka Mischief), our rough-coated collie pup silently walked the perimeter of our yard without barking, making eye contact with 3 moose. Letting them know it was his yard.

Watching him, noticing the neighbor dogs barking, I thought, “that’s why they call eye contact.” Gabe, descended from a long line of goat herders, knew how to send a message.

Older brother Zeke (descended from sheep herders and always ready to take his cue from the shepherd) watched, sitting on my foot, standing guard over both Gabe and I. If he’d sensed Gabe had needed any help, he’d have been there in a flash.

When I posted Friday evening on LinkedIn my friend Jessie, gifted author and TEDx speaker, asked if Gabe had co-authored Beating the Workplace Bully. I explained he hadn’t yet arrived when the book published.

But thinking back, I admit that since my two collie writing assistants sat patiently as I wrote Navigating Conflict‘s 35 chapters, it’s time I admitted that two collies coauthor each of my posts and added great value to Navigating Conflict.

Collie Zeke forgives easily, apologizes for the messes he makes, and claims love and understanding melts many hard hearts. Gabe, not as much a softie as his big brother, asserts you don’t have to bark to send a clear message.

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2 thoughts on “Valiant

  1. Lynne–what talented, supportive commentators and blog editors your two shepherds/collies are! Inspiring and true!

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