Company Leaders Speak Out Against Hamas

Your Tuesday post, went viral in our workplace.

Several managers found copies of your article on their desks, accompanied by post-it notes asking that we take a stand as a company.

We’re considering whether to say anything, but hesitate to so for fear of offending both employees and clients.

Yes, you might offend some. It’s a complex topic. I received both love letters and hate mail in response to my post.

Here’s what you need to consider: Silence can alienate as well.

The militants’ actions were beyond brutal. While there were historical reasons that led to their anger, those reasons do not in any way excuse the utter brutality wreaked against babies and children.

Further, the terrorists are knowingly putting those already suffering hardship in the Gaza strip in the way of expected airstrikes.

I’m no longer running a larger company, but if I was, I about speak out. Why?

Silence allows evil.

Innocents on all sides have and are dying. We need to speak out against this continued horror. To speak out against the murderers hiding in the Gaza says much about your integrity and core values. It matters to your workplace culture. It matters to your employees.

One other area for you to consider (based on the emails I’m receiving)– some of your employees may ask for time off to process their feelings or to travel to Israel and Palestine to help with humanitarian causes.

Let them.

(c) 2023 Lynne Curry

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