My Boss Cheats Customers But I Don’t Want to Lose My Job


Three months ago, I finally found an employer that would let me work between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., giving me the ability to drop my kids off at and pick them up from school. I do not want to quit or lose this job.

At the same time, my boss does things that worry me. Last month, I let my boss know that a customer had overpaid $85 for an order and I planned to call the customer. My boss told me not to do so and that he would handle it. Since I have access to the customer’s accounts, I know my boss never did, because there wasn’t either a credit or refund posted.

This morning, the same thing happened, only for a smaller amount. I pointed out to my boss that a customer overpaid $30 for an order, and my boss told me not to point it out to the customer. I’m not sure how to handle this.


You’ve got options, though my favorite would be you searching out a new job. When you work for a boss who cheats customers, you can expect him to eventually cheat you. Alternatively, you can point out the situation each time to either your customers or boss.

If you point out future mistakes to your customers, you’ll present your boss a fait accompli. Although you presented the two problem situations to your boss, he disguised the fact that he planned to keep the $85. He may let this situation go, or he may fire you and hire someone with less of a conscience.

Alternatively, you can let your boss know each time, knowing that he’ll handle it as he wants. You may find this option hard to stomach. You can, however, remind yourself that it’s your boss’s decision and business and that you’re putting up with the situation because it gives you more time each day with your kids.

We all make choices, each with consequences. Which do you choose?

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