Does Your Job Make You Sick?


I’m wondering if my job makes me sick.

I’ve had a series of medical issues since March and while I’ve been to the doctor multiple times and received medications for each illness, as soon as I bring one problem under control, a new issue springs up.

I work a consistent fifty hours a week and have for years. I’ve always told myself I handle stress well. I’m starting to wonder.  


It could be your job or how you’re handling it.

Stress impacts your immune system. When you’re consistently on edge, the stress exacts a toll.

Emotional and psychological stress work similarly to physical stress by pushing your body to release stress hormone, biochemicals such as cortisol that prepare and enable you to handle the challenge.

Cortisol helps you rev up to meet the challenge and remained mobilized and focused and can cause you to feel wired and edgy.

Stress can both activate and suppress your immune system. When you’re under chronic stress, your immune system activates and never fully turns off. An immune system that remains on hyperalert too long, it acts like an overworked security guard that cracks under pressure, going rogue.

If you trust your doctor, return to him or her and ask for a total checkup. You might also explore alternative medicine, from acupuncture to naturopathy, or change your daily life, adding in a half hour of exercise, including walking outdoors. (That’s what my two collie personal trainers tell me.)

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One thought on “Does Your Job Make You Sick?

  1. Excellent answer to an ambiguous question–is my workplace making me sick due to problems with the physical plant or is my work environment affecting me, and as you noted, is it that you’ haven’t found a good way to handle the workplace stresses in your environment. Your suggestions of alternative medicine approaches and listening to (perhaps spending more time with, too) your pets were a nice break to the seriousness and another welcome alternative!

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