When a favorite client of mine asked me for help because they wanted to hire an exceptional manager, I said, “You need to write a standout ad.”

“Start with a headline that grabs and to make clear what makes your company special.

What do you think?

Store Manager for Employee-owned Business

Does ownership interest you? Do you have the right qualifications to take a store leadership position in a highly successful Alaskan company?

Do you desire a job where your fellow managers work as hard as you do; where you supervise motivated employees and excited customers?

At Alaska Mill Feed and Garden Center, we’re Employee-Owned.

This creates success. Our motivated, skilled, team-oriented employees provide our customers a knowledgeable “customer first” shopping experience.

Alaska Mill Feed and Garden center offers a unique, fun, exciting, fast-paced work environment. We’re strong. We’re growing. We’re solid; we’ve served Alaska for over 65 years.

Our manager and employee team are passionate about investing in each other. We’re a company of owners—almost every Mill staffer becomes eligible for a long-term stake in Alaska Mill Feed and Garden Center within two years of joining us. Our Mill Team Members think and act like owners from day one. 

We are down-to-earth, casual, and from-the heart.  We work hard, and passionately commit to doing and being our best.  There are more than sixty of us in our retail store, distribution center, manufacturing facilities, and our administrative offices. We share a common culture; one you can feel.

Apply with us because you want to be an owner of the place you work and because you want your employer to care about the progression of your career and about helping you afford retirement when the time comes. 

Apply with us because you want to build a career with a company you can love.

If you found the above helpful, you can gain even more information in Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox, chapter 3. The other chapters have information on how motivate every employee and manager to true accountability. Here’s a discount coupon for 10% off (if you purchase by 9/15).

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2 thoughts on “Writing a Killer Recruitment Ad

  1. That is a great ad! It makes you want to know more and impresses you about the employer, while maybe encouraging you to think you could work there. (sorry, my self-esteem about applying for positions hit a low in the early 2000s; age has something to do with it). Being able to write to-the-point, upbeat, welcoming copy makes a big difference in most things in business.

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