What will you do with that extra hour today?

That’s right, it’s a gift. Of life.

If you’re like me, living in Anchorage, at first you mourned the fact that the darkness you saw when you woke at 7 was now 6 and it would be even longer to sunrise.

Then, you bit the bullet and wandered your home resetting clocks.  

All the while, however, thinking: an extra hour. An extra hour to walk outdoors with the pups. Or reflect.

Or make headway on revising that novel. Or what became my choice, more time connecting with a loved one.

For me, it became a special hour, to spend in good ways. Very personal

What will you do?

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3 thoughts on “What will you do with that extra hour today?

  1. This is a great piece. It fits the day and is positive and upbeat; positive and upbeat is always good. Tying in the walk with your dogs – from your recent column – was an exceptional segue.

    However, I know from experience that at the end of this day – I’ll likely be more tired, seemingly but not really, earlier – my circadian clock is still set to an hour ago. I’ll be slightly more frustrated because of the facade that this ‘extra hour’ purports to represent — but does not. And I’ll likely spend that hour, once again, as I do most every year, writing a letter to my congressman and senators to end this ‘government gift that bears no fruit.’

    It has always reminded me of the old Soapy Smith shells-and-peas game where you know it’s there, but it’s not; it’s right in front of you but it’s hidden effects are yet to be revealed, and; in its day it had a good use (and in the lower latitudes where the day/night is not as skewed as in Alaska) – but it’s a classic example of two very important principles. 1) The now world popular saying allegedly initiated at our own infamous Chilkoot Charlies (“Koot’s”) “We cheat the other guy and pass it on to you.”, and; 2) You can’t get ANYTHING for NOTHING! There is price to pay for this ‘gift’ whether you reciprocally acknowledge the misery of ‘losing’ the same ‘free gift hour’ next spring (or last), or you look at the medical statistics that document and justify the concurrence between the time change and increased heart attacks, increased psych incidents, increased vehicular crashes and other maladies over the following few days on both ends of the change – the leap and the fall.

    IMHO, there is NOTHING that justifies the perpetuation and continuation of this absurd practice. The expense of it is well documented in health, industry and fact. And (at least one of) the original purposes of it is long past worthwhile; hit the light switch and light up the path to a future without this insanity.

    Just sayin’ that’s what I think about it.

  2. Lynne–your photos are so much fun to see! I love the one with one of your collies and the kitty! I wasted my hour, which I do with too much of my time. Bu I did get out of the house and over to the library earlier than is typical for me, so maybe some good came of that extra hour. Best wishes, all!

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