3 thoughts on “Straight Talk about Accountability: What It Means for the Workplace & How It’s a Factor In Turning Around What Needs to be Fixed

  1. I wrote this online review for Lynne’s book:

    Since 1998, I have been researching the ingredients for spectacular success. My definition of spectacular success is this: the unforeseen success other people intentionally create for you because you intentionally create success for them. I identified 26 situational, organizational, financial, emotional, and relationship ingredients.

    All of the spectacular successes around the world use these ingredients, including the Children’s Holocaust Memorial, the movie Dirty Dancing, Martha Stewart, the Polish Solidarity movement, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, Toastmasters, Toyota, the Underground Railroad, the world’s largest trivia contest, and Navy commander, author, and speaker D. Michael Abrashoff.

    But you don’t have to know the ingredients to know this: 23 of the 26 ingredients focus on working with others and satisfying others.

    Lynne Curry’s Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox is a step by step guide for working with others and satisfying others. Use her tools and unforeseen success will follow. Chapter 4 is a particularly rich gold mine for working with others and satisfying others. Later chapters provide more gold. Her tools provide ways for you to intentionally create success for employees (using Lynne’s definition of employees), giving them reasons to create unforeseen success for your business. You’ll get the accountability success you want plus more business success than you could ever see coming.

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