Making the Best of Winter Despite COVID: because of you, we’re overcoming the despites; thank you for being part of our Thanksgiving joy

Sunrise in Anchorage comes @ 9:38 a.m.; the sun sets @ 3:57 p.m., so we have six hours.

Despite the short days, Zeke insists on walking for 1.5 of our six-seven hours. 1074 miles (4+ miles a day) since COVID froze us out of the gym. Thank the furry personal trainer pictured below for 9+ pounds of weight loss that years of gym workouts never seemed to touch.

Zeke, the ideal, loving personal trainer and an old soul

How the writing is rolling

Despite the short story. poem and nonfiction writing success (three short stories and two poems published); a business book publisher accepting my proposal for three books (15,500 words down & 104,500 words to go, yikes); my debut novel hasn’t yet found a publisher.

Two great publishers said “love the character arc” and “touching”; another publisher said “too commercial” (which I take as a compliment), but it’s not yet found a home. It has, however, found an agent who said “this is a great book” and ten endorsements from award-winning authors and editors such as Alaska Magazine’s former editor who wrote, “The battles are genuine, the characters developed, the setting beautiful. This novel had me hooked all the way through. It’s a must-read for men and women alike. You won’t forget this ageless, timeless and limitless read.” So, here’s my overcoming the despite: I’m one-third of the way through a sequel featuring the novel’s heroine, Jess Cassidy:)

Despite a virtual thanksgiving with a very small household, we figured out how to safely expand our numbers

Welcome to the writing/consulting office, 8.6 pound 8 week old Gabriel, much loved despite those 2 to 4 a.m. ventures into a cold night for necessary business

Also, a very welcome human addition, granddaughter Parker, joining Cooper and MaHayla, and Ben, Jenny and Joey as human sweethearts.

Despite COVID and all the changes, you’ve (blog readers) arrived

I love this blog. Started it in 2014, but sold it and my business in 2017, and rebirthed it 5/27/20 when I again began working for myself.

Since then, 497 of you visit us weekly from 89 countries and 2082 of you subscribe. I am very grateful.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you; from my family to yours, I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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5 thoughts on “Making the Best of Winter Despite COVID: because of you, we’re overcoming the despites; thank you for being part of our Thanksgiving joy

  1. Wow, the Northern Lights photo is stunning. Thanks for taking it and sharing it. The dogs are darling. Collies take their herding tasks seriously, even when it’s a “herd” of one!

    1. Hi, Suz, with two collies, they’re each herding the other, though Zeke often let his cat herd him. I wish I could take credit for the Northern Lights phot, it’s a free Word Press photo; I love the aurora too, it always makes me like life is beginning:)

  2. God bless our ‘furry friends’! They love unconditionally and heal us without even knowing! Hopefully, we do the same for them 🙂

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