Nuke Fear: An Extra Christmas Gift You Owe Yourself

Perhaps fear has been a slithering snake whispering “danger” in your ear. Possibly fear has stopped you from swallowing words you needed to voice or from acting in your best interest.

Fear may have swamped your fighting spirit. Fear might magnetize a bully’s aggression.

If fear haunts you, here’s that you need to know.

When you avoid what you fear, it doesn’t dissipate. It darkens from a shadow to a blockade.

Your path forward — Find your fears and face them. Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “courage is not the absence of fear”. Courage happens when you triumph over fear.

Ask yourself: “What triggers my fears?” and then take them apart. When you dig into most fears, you’ll find they’re based on fiction and not fact, made up of anticipated danger.

Further, when you focus on what you fear, you lose sight of your skills and abilities. You betray yourself. Fear and self-distrust feed on each other. The answer: Trust yourself.

When and how do you start?

Now. You can’t conquer fear by waiting for all anxiety to disappear before taking a step forward. You’re the air traffic controller of your mind. You don’t need to let fears land and take up permanent residence. You can tell yourself “It’s time to fly.”

In Beating the Workplace Bully: A Tactical Guide to Taking Charge, I challenge readers to consider how a brave person would handle the threatening situation and become that brave person.

Let fear-generated adrenaline, like a caffeine boost, motivate you to action. Give yourself that gift.  

If you found this post intriguing, please let me know. I’m working on my next book, Navigating Conflict, and practical tools and steps for handling fear comprises one of the chapters I’m currently working on.

If you’d like 2 funny stories for turning the tables in bullies, here’s a 70-second video,

If you want actionable steps for tackling fear, you’ll find them in Beating the Workplace Bully, one of my last books,

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2 thoughts on “Nuke Fear: An Extra Christmas Gift You Owe Yourself

  1. Fear really can be crippling, and it can harm your ability to react and to be creative, too. Thanks for the action tips!

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