Navigating Conflict: Here’s What In It For You

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The Payoff:

1. The Promise: What you’ll gain from Navigating Conflict
2. Discover: The Price You Pay for Avoiding Conflict
3. Assess: What stops you from handling conflict
4. Realize: Courage is your partner

Toughening Up

5. Learning to Handle Yourself Under Fire
6. Creating the “You” Who Stands Up for Yourself
7. Teflon Yourself to Criticism
8. Develop Your Arsenal for Counteracting Attacking Comments

Your Tool Chest: Skills and Tactics for Defusing 75% of Conflicts

9. Listening That Shows You Mean It
10. The Litmus Test: How Do They Really Feel About You
11. Conflict-Resolution Questions
12. Bringing Issues Up So They Can Be Resolved

Successful in Conflict: Strategies, Skills, and Tactics

13. Exploring Your Stories to Avoid Tripping Over Them
14. “Owning” Your Part So It Doesn’t Muddy the Discussion
15. The Most Effective Way to Start a Conflict Discussion

16. Make It Through Unscathed When Dealing with Toxic Individuals—and Turn Them Around
17. Keeping the Conflict Discussion Productive
18. If You Sense Fear or Anger Rising
19. The Right Way to Apologize
20. After Conflict Reflection
21. Unraveling Conflict: Understanding the Other; Mediating and De-escalating Conflict

Going Deeper

22. Assessing Your Conflict Style
23. Digging into Where Much Conflict Begins
24. Personality Conflicts Decoded

Handling Specific Conflicts: Fixes that Work

25. 7 Strategies for Nuking Energy Vampires and Judgmental Critics
26. Snappy Comebacks When You Need Them
27. When a Sniper Won’t Let Up
28. When You’re Thrust into an Important Role Where Conflict Means Life or Death
29. Let Go of What You Can’t Control
30. When You’re Up Against a Street Fighter
31. When You Chair a Meeting and a Hothead Challenges You
32. Resolving Conflicts in a Virtual, Remote Environment
33. Defeating a Verbal Attacker’s Favorite Weapons  

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