You Love Being Your Own Boss: Tips for Finding Higher Quality, Better Paying Freelance Work

You enjoy gig work, love being your own boss. But you’re not as successful as you want to be.

You want better projects than you can find on Craigslist where the competition is fierce, the compensation low, and the clients occasionally sketchy and unwilling to pay.

You’ve tried Even though you have a few folks who vouch for you, so does every one of your competitors. You land one out of every six projects, and then only if you cut your rates so low it feels like you’re giving your time away.

If you’re going to successfully freelance, you need higher quality, better paying work.

Here’s how:

Your network

Some of your friends, family and acquaintances need work done by someone they can trust. If they know they can turn their projects over to you, you can set a fair rate, and they won’t have to take the time to vet strangers.

A win/win, and one that’s on you to set up. Start today. Reach out to the people closest to you. Let them know the projects you’d like to take on and the skills and expertise you bring to the table.

If the idea of “selling” your friends and family turns your stomach, get over it. That’s not what you’re doing. You’re making the skills you offer visible to those who might need them.

While you’re at it, establish relationships with some of your competitors. Then, if you land too many projects to handle, you’ll have someone to refer and subcontract work to, and they’ll repay you in kind. Even better, they’re a source of information. Talk with them about rates, and what they’ve learned about being in business for themselves.

Multiple Internet sites connect freelancers and those who might hire them. Four of the largest, all of which offer you a free trial so you can check them out include:


An award-winning freelance service marketplace, Fiverr facilitates meetings between employers and freelancers. Leave your profile on it and employers can decide whether to buy from you. 


This well-known, global site provides freelances a cloud-based platform.

25 million individuals use this global pool of competitive freelancers, where employers can find the talent they need for social media marketing, data entry, website design and other projects.


A freelance marketplace enabling employers to reach out to professionals who can work flexibly.

Make yourself visible

You need an updated LinkedIn profile with a tag line that makes it clear you’re seeking contract projects.

Look for opportunities to be seen as an expert in professional circles. Speak at events. Connect with individuals who might refer projects to you. Become active in online communities.

Visibility brings projects to your door, taking your freelance business from surviving to thriving.

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  1. These are great tips for freelancers and freelancers. Networking, as ever, sounds key. The new fiverr network sound interesting, too. Can you provide a link to it?

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