Finally! It’s Launching.

Her Next Hero releases October 13th from Ten16 Press.

I’d  love your creative wisdom on this “back of the book” blurb

What would make it even better? .

Jess Cassidy is engaged to the perfect man—an adventurous, big-living pilot—but when his plane crashes in an Alaskan winter storm, so do her dreams. Once, she’d been brave and willing to take chances, but her faith in herself—and love—goes down with her fiancé’s Beechcraft. Three years after his death, Jess is alone, devoted to her work as a high-powered HR executive and convinced nothing can measure up to the love she lost. Still, she’s lonely, and when her best friend urges her to post her profile on an Internet dating site, Jess reluctantly agrees.

Online, Jess meets a hot, successful financial planner who checks all her boxes. Except—something about him doesn’t seem quite right, but Jess can’t decide whether to trust her instincts. Then a detective enters the picture and Jess finds herself drawn to him, even though he’s nothing like the ‘perfect’ man she had in mind.

Things turn sinister and Jess learns falling in love might endanger her life as well as her heart. Caught between the life she thought she wanted and a completely different future, Jess faces a crossroad requiring ultimate courage.

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4 thoughts on “Finally! It’s Launching.

    1. Oh, my goodness, me too! Dee. And I’m making a list of people who might want to be on my street team. Would you like to? If you write me @, I can explain. It’s not a lot of work, and hopefully will be fun:)

  1. CONGRATS on your launch! I’m sure you’re beaming like a brand-new, first-time mom.
    The genre is not my thing, but I’ll get one for my wife. I think she likes that kind of stuff.

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