Remote Jobs Are Vanishing

It’s not your imagination. Every week fewer employer job listings offer remote work.

In a January post, “Employees Fight Return to Work Mandates,”, I noted the national trend away from remote work. LinkedIn’s December 2022 Workforce Report analyzed over sixty million paid job postings on LinkedIn since January 2021. In March 2022, the highest number of job postings were for remote jobs. In November 2022, fewer than fourteen percent of job postings offered remote work,

According to the Wall Street Journal’s January 24th issue, the number of jobs offering applicant remote work has since declined further, based on reports from LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter and, The Job Market for Remote Workers Is Shrinking – WSJ

As I reported in two January posts, the decline in remote job opportunities stems from a a shift in the power dynamic between employers and employees.

You have three options if you want remote work,

  1. Remote jobs exist. Land them by convincing a prospective employer that you can outperform other candidates.
  2. As I described in “Don’t Want to Return to the Office: Negotiate,”, negotiate with your current employer by showing the stellar results you’ve achieved while working remotely.
  3. Start your own business. When you work for yourself, you can set the terms. For more on the risks and rewards of working for yourself, check out

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2 thoughts on “Remote Jobs Are Vanishing

  1. It’s nice, I guess, to have the kind of job where remote work is an option. At the same time, working from home or from your local coffee shop or internet cafe can be isolating, and you can be in a bubble, out of touch with much of the rest of the world. I am tired of the blather from people who are in their own bubbles [too many of them actually in offices [ ; > )) ], unaware of the rest of us. At the same time, remote work can open up opportunities for people who otherwise would have a hard time getting a full-time or even-part time job. Your advice is timely and sensible–negotiate, start your own business, etc.

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