It’s official: I’ve agreed with the high-quality publisher Business Expert Press to write 3 books:

Managing for Accountability: A tool box for business executives and owners;

Reality-based Management: How to use five key performance tools to power your company’s success; and

Navigating Conflicts in the Workplace: how to handle difficult situations.

Special thanks to Scott Isenberg, managing editor; Rob Zwettler, Executive acquisitions editor; Eric Lincoln Miller, agent; Edward Stone, business editor, and all of you who have supported my 42 years as a management consultant and writer.

5 thoughts on “It’s Official: Exciting news:)

  1. Congratulations! An opportunity for your wisdom – an logical approach – to help more people!

  2. Hi Lynne,
    I just discovered you as an author and your book “Beating the workplace bully: a tactical guide to taking charge”.

    I am so happy with your new arrangements. Please create some sort of newsletter list so, I will read your new books whenever they will be ready.

    Thank you for your work.

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