COVID Knocks…Don’t Let It In the Door

Here’s a 101 word short story I wrote in June, published in September by 101 Words, an awesome flash fiction magazine.

Who Knew

When we set our clocks forward for daylight savings time this spring, who knew we’d instead enter the twilight zone? That shoppers would fight over toilet paper. That I’d have the time to clean the junk drawer but still wouldn’t. That I would view a repair man coming to fix the toilet as a dress-up experience or that dress up would mean yoga pants instead of pajamas. That I’d long to shop at Walmart. Who knew I’d flinch when a friend sneezed? That leaving the house to make a supply run would rain down danger. Who knew that I would die?

I’ve fallen in love with flash fiction.

I provide this short story here in honor of the 2nd COVID vaccine I got February 9th. I’d not been expecting it to wallop me as hard as it did. Fever, chills, shakes, fatigue, dizziness, even lost 2 pounds as everything in me left my body. I’ve on my 2nd day of bed rest & VERY grateful for the vaccine, because if this is what a small vaccine does, I’m lucky not have contracted COVID.

I pray you’ll get vaccinated too; we can’t afford more needless deaths to this very tough disease. COVID knocks, I pray you will not let it in the door. It’s the 11th and I’m feeling better and very thankful for Heather who came to walk the pups yesterday when they couldn’t understand why their normally active mom laid in bed. It was a storm; it passed.

5 thoughts on “COVID Knocks…Don’t Let It In the Door

  1. Very nice story. Much said in a few words. Radiates warmth and authenticity. It gave me the feeling as if you were having a friendly talk with me. Thanks, for sharing.

    1. Diana, thanks, and you’re right, I feel when I write posts as if I’m having conversations with those who give me the gift to tuning in and reading, Lynne

  2. OMG! That’s quite reaction to the vaccine. Hope you truly are all better now and that there are no blowback reactions down the line.

  3. Susan/Suz, thanks as always for all your great comments on the different posts. I look forward to reading what you write when your name pops up. And while the vaccine knocked me sideways, I feel fortunate to have received it.

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