Last summer I began posting 5 articles a week on topics such as Career; COVID; HR; Leadership; Management; Office Politics; Personal and Professional Development.

I’ve loved doing this AND your responses to these posts.

I’m now working on my 6th nonfiction book and 2nd novel and need to carve out time for them, so I’m reducing my posting to 4 articles a week. But first a gift for you:

25% off the book

I’m including a coupon (below) for 25% off my 5th book, Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox.

Here’s what attorney Eric Meyer and CEO Dave Stephens say about the book, along with a brief description.

“Lynne Curry is an expert in management and human resources and her new book provides the building blocks to foster a contagious culture of accountability. Curry’s easy-to-follow tips on engagement gives managers a roadmap to success. Managing for Accountability should be required reading for senior leadership.” Attorney Eric Meyer, Partner, FisherBroyles

“Dr. Lynne Curry has long been the emergency responder for many businesses. In Managing for Accountability, Curry has distilled the lessons of her long career. She is a brilliant communicator who can distill complex strategies and techniques into accessible and action-oriented language.  Business leaders should have this one sitting on their desk for quick reference.” Dave Stephens, Chief Executive Officer, Katmai Government Services

The book: Managing for Accountability

Veteran management consultant and HR expert Dr. Lynne Curry provides business owners, leaders, and managers a complete roadmap for creating accountability in the workplace.

Managing for Accountability: A Business Leader’s Toolbox contains everything business owners and managers need to hire, inspire, manage, and retain accountable, high performing, engaged employees who invest one hundred percent in their jobs.

This practical guide offers field-tested tools, strategies, and proven tactics for locating, developing and managing motivated, engaged, committed employees focused on performance, productivity, and results. Curry details pragmatic strategies that succeed despite the pandemic and that work effectively with all employees, whether they’re top talent, those who occasionally falter, or come from diverse backgrounds and generations. If you want to create a culture of accountability in your workplace and develop high-performing teams that lead your business to unparalleled levels of success, you will want this invaluable resource close at hand. This is must read for every leader, owner, or manager.

3 thoughts on “A Major Change & Accountability

  1. Although I am “retired” I plan to get a copy for a friend, or two, still in the middle of their careers Lynne. You have always been accurate in your analysis of workplace issues and there are more than a few of us who have benefitted from your expertise over the years!

  2. Joe, thank you! It’s great to hear from you, even if you’re sitting at a pool while I’m shoveling snow from the driveway:)
    p.s. The book is worth is, it’s a sold 42,985 words:)

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