Meet My Personal Trainers

Meet my personal trainers. Two rough-coated collies. 90 and 56 pounds.

I had many plans for my semi-retirement 5/27/2020. I’d finish my debut novel, write stories and have fun with this blog.

Zeke and Gabriel had other ideas. 4 miles a day. We’ve averaged that since 3/17/20. Personal trainer Zeke’s insistence on walking every day of the pandemic carved 13 pounds off my body and when he insisted we find a puppy, Gabriel appeared, and joined collie-forces to insist humans too can be herded. And that dogs need walking in snow, in rain, on ice, no excuses.

My clients had other ideas. I’m still consulting, investigating, mediating, coaching, and enjoying it.

My agent had other ideas and signed me up for 3-book deal, and Managing for Accountability is released and Navigating Conflict is in progress.

I love semi-retirement, and thought it time to let you know because you’re part of it. Thanks for cheering me on with this blog, and of course Zeke and Gabriel would like to know “is that a squirrel?” and would you like to join our walks?

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