Are We Walking Yet?: Catch the Eyes

Personal trainer collie Zeke patiently waiting — except for the eye-lock he has on the leash he deftly laid on my desk where I could see it.

We’ve had mostly single digit weather in November, with a regrettable number of days below zero, but my personal trainers (the little trouble-maker on the right is Gabriel) have two inches long hair and they remind me — the day is a wasting. Catch the eyes:)

Here’s the story of 2579.34 miles in 602 days,

5 thoughts on “Are We Walking Yet?: Catch the Eyes

  1. I’ve always heard that “if you’re dogs are getting fat, YOU are not getting enough exercise.”
    Bless all of our furry friends.

  2. Hopefully, you finally got out with them!
    Lucy will be in town on Tuesday so I will be out and about walking with her.
    Hopefully, we can walk before your surgery.

  3. Joe, Susan, Dan and Karen, thanks for joining in the pup whimsy — though is it whimsy when it’s so healthful:)

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