Confess, please

I received an interesting box in the mail. Was it you who sent it?

The return address identified it as “from the Easter Bunny.”

So did the packing slip.

I opened the box to a lovely, truly rich, 2.5-pound walnut coffee cake.

My guess was it was a close friend. When my kids were little, I asked her to call them occasionally and when the phone rang, I’d ask Jenny or Ben to pick up the call. My friend would come on the line and ask, “this is the Easter Bunny, who is this please?” or “hello, this is the tooth fairy, I’d like to know if you’ve recently lost a tooth.”

She convincingly said it wasn’t her.

So please fess up if it was you.

And if you’re in Anchorage and want a slice of truly yummy coffee cake, please stop by, and save me from myself.

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3 thoughts on “Confess, please

  1. Discovered who masqueraded as the Easter bunny & sent the truly lovely coffee cake — a client turned friend who lives far away. Am most grateful every morning when guests & I have slices.

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