Gig Work: Right for You?

She worked in an office. A steady paycheck. Insurance.

That was then, this is now.

Asked her why she left “regular” employment for precarious gig work. Here’s what she said:

“The money I make now goes into my pocket,

“I’m my own boss. I set my own hours. I don’t ask
for flexibility; I have it.”

“I can work as much or as little as I want.”

“I don’t have work long hours without any
acknowledgement or praise when I pull something amazing off. Now, my customers
give me kudos. EVERY time.

“If your job doesn’t give you want you want, GO GIG.”




6 thoughts on “Gig Work: Right for You?

  1. As an HR person I only caution that when (or if) you decide to go back to full time permanent work usually in order to get benefits, you explain in your cover letter that you were doing gig work or that you were doing contract work! Make it clear why and how you were operating.
    Also, have a reason other than “I need full time benefits” to apply for that job.. Find something in the company that will be a professional goal. Even if it is something as simple as “I find the constant hunting for that next job distracting but I bring this skill that I learned from gig work.”
    It’s quite surprising how often these are not addressed.

  2. Your gig worker has found an ideal situation in her gig work. It’s as often as she wants/needs it, it pays well (not always true!), her customers give her kudos, and she gets paid. I know people in gig work who struggle to get their clients to pay them (this happens to supposed big-money earners, too, like attorneys), whose customers do not always either appreciate or understand the quality and complexity of creation and delivery of the product they get (and hence complain about what they are charged), or who find that there are sometimes very large spaces between jobs, and so it’s hard to live on what they make. I hope this gig worker has an IRA and other investments to help fund retirement, is paying fully into FICA, and keeps on having success.

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