My Great Job Offer Evaporated…Now What? Is This the New Thing?

I got a GREAT job offer. In Chicago.

Based on the offer, I quit a good if boring job, gave my landlord notice, and purchased a plane ticket. I spent hours researching apartments for rent.

This morning, my new company rescinded the offer. My offer. I no longer have a job. My landlord has already rented my former apartment.

Is this the new thing? Do I have any options?


Fears of a looming recession have led to rescinded job offers in industries that have been on a post-pandemic-driven recruitment overdrive. The social networking service Twitter, the real estate giant Redfin and the bitcoin company Coinbase have all rescinded job offers.

You and others who’ve fallen into this quagmire may have a legal claim against the employer that rescinded your office. They made and broke a promise, causing you negative financial, career and emotional consequences. Make a list of the time you spent, the changes you made the expenses you incurred based on this offer and present it to them.    

Twitter and Coinbase have each reported that they’re paying severance to individuals whose job offers they rescinded to help compensate them.

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2 thoughts on “My Great Job Offer Evaporated…Now What? Is This the New Thing?

  1. Rescinding job offers is a new kind of callousness and business-above-people kind of behavior that’s beginning to be common. There is understandable reason for it, of course, and there is understandable reason to sure, too. Your suggestions are to the point and practical.

  2. I couldn’t help myself from thinking the job seeker dodged a bullet both figuratively and literally, since almost 2000 Chicagoans have been shot so far this year. Trading one community for Chicago’s might be a trade down.

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