Here’s what 11 CEOs; 10 senior managers, 5 attorneys, and a TEDx speaker, a detective, a security specialist, and a publisher say about Navigating Conflict, now on Amazon with 5-star reviews,

“How I wish I had the opportunity to read Dr. Lynne Curry’s most recent book, Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations a few months ago! Over the past months, I’ve voyaged through numerous large and small conflicts. There is no doubt that  Curry’s sage advice and guidance helped me maintain a steady course during those challenging times. I’m certain some of the conflicts I encountered would not have been resolved without her help and valuable insights. 

“Curry’s newest book is a field guide to identify those uncomfortable situations where one may fall short in personal confidence or past experiences to deal with conflict.  She pulls back the curtain of self-doubt to show you relatable strategies to positively overcome and resolve those uncomfortable encounters .  As an added bonus, you find your confidence and strategic thinking strengthening. Curry has done a splendid job of drawing upon her decades of experience to help you address and resolve conflict. I have learned many lessons from Curry, and this is another of her superb writings that will become a go-to textbook.” Dr. James Powell, President, Clearwater Marine Aquarium

“No one understands how to handle and manage conflict like Lynne Curry, and no one writes about it better. If you ever have to deal with conflict (and you will), Curry’s book helps you identify and improve how you handle conflict. This is a must read.” Sean Eichrodt, Securities and Investigations Management, The GEO Group

“When I read the 1st page of this book, I knew it would be my “Bible” when “Navigating Conflict” In our organization.  I immediately was able to equate “On the Ground Situations”  I had experienced over the past 30+ years of Managing people with the examples Curry presented. I quickly grabbed my highlighter and started madly highlighting key areas of interest.  This is not just a book to read but a book to have at arm’s length as a reference when you know you’re about to enter in a situation that may be confrontational. Use the book as a guide and it will make your organization more productive and give you a “peace of mind” when you leave work each day.” Joel Klessens, President, Alaska Mill and Feed.

“Lynne Curry’s new book, Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations, is a gem. Filled with effective and practical advice for touchy and tricky situations, this book is a must for anyone wanting to tool up and become more effective communicators both personally and professionally. Curry’s writing is both engaging and empowering.

“Curry has a knack for connecting with the reader and taking us on a journey through her powerful storytelling that weaves in simple solutions for difficult situations. I will be adding this book to my permanent library along with her equally seminal book, Beating the Workplace Bully.” Jessie Sutherland, author of Worldview Skills: Transforming Conflict from the Inside Out and Director of Intercultural Strategies and TEDx Speaker

Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations” is a must-read for anyone in a leadership role.  The story-based format is founded on real-life examples and draws from Lynne Curry’s four decades of experience.  I found myself shaking my head in agreement and relating to similar situations I had experienced and wished I had had the information in this book to help navigate those past conflicts.  

“Dr. Curry actively engages the reader each step of the way by asking probing questions and providing exercises that the reader can immediately use at home or in the workplace.  In addition, Dr. Curry conveys to the reader complex concepts with ease, such as building the necessary skills needed when being faced with criticism challenges. From just the first few pages, I had already started building my toolkit.” Lisa Oliver, Chief Operating Officer, Clearwater Marine Aquarium.   

“Dr. Lynne Curry has been an invaluable resource throughout my career.  She combines empathy and a no-nonsense solution-oriented approach to business and interpersonal development.  Her writings incorporate the experiences from her distinguished career giving the reader insight into specific and very real situations.  

Unlike many management self-help writers Curry delivers each lesson in three distinct touch points including a brief interactive section.  I can’t emphasize how critical that is for retention and implementation in the real world. Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations is a must read for anyone for anyone looking for advice on tackling the tough situations and conversations the hit us in both the management world and our personal lives.” Jed Shandy Vice President Davis Constructors and Engineers.

“Dr. Lynne Curry has done it again! For the past 25 years, my teams and I have been the recipient of Curry’s practical approach to unlocking the potential of our workforce and understanding our team’s interpersonal dynamics. I have personally learned and developed so many life skills from Curry’s instruction, coaching, and mentoring. Her new book, Navigating Conflict, is not just a “must read” but a resource that you will want to keep handy for frequent reference.

“You will find a concentration of pragmatic, yet idealistic, tools and approaches to recognizing, understanding, and responding to conflict in the workplace and beyond. This book will help you develop self-awareness in a way that has you stand up for yourself candidly and professionally while understanding what it is like being on the other side of you.

“It will concomitantly increase your awareness of others in an empathic way that prefers to call others “up” and not “out.” This best-of-breed concentration of conflict tools accompanied by Curry’s real-life application, experience, and lessons learned will become my new go-to for both personal and team development and improvement. You’ll want to get your copy and start augmenting your conflict management skills as well as those of the teams you lead and/or participate in.” Jim Bates, President & CEO of BIG-Business Improvement Group, Inc.

“Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations is a book I wish I would have had at the beginning of my management career.  Dr. Curry uses her vast experience and real-life examples to succinctly describe how tough issues can be managed appropriately. 

“Curry’s practical and understandable strategies show the reader how manage issues head-on while still considering other’s points of view and our own biases. This book has already helped me recognize how I can better confront conflict in a timely manner that does not sacrifice my own opinions or values. 

“Her helpful exercises at the end of the chapters and real-life examples from her years of experience in HR consultation are engaging and helpful, like having Dr. Curry working side-by-side with us in these difficult situations.  All of this information is packaged in an interesting and engaging manner.  Thank you for this wonderful resource!” Debbie Davey, Director of Risk Management, Cross Road Health Ministries, Inc.

“Lynne Curry has done it again!  Lynne’s latest book, Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations is an excellent read.  It is another great primer by Curry for all who read it on how to deal constructively with conflicts in all walks of life.  Although Curry focuses her examples upon the work environment, her counseling on conflict resolution has universal application-be it the workplace, social interactions, or even the family.  Recognizing that time is valuable, Curry has encapsulated her coaching into concise, easy to understand common sense chapters.  I highly recommend Curry’s book to anyone who wants to improve their approach to dispute resolution at whatever level and situation.” William Satterberg, J.D., owner, Law Offices of William Satterberg, Jr.

“Lynne Curry gives you clear, concise and current advice on how to chart a course through the rough seas of interpersonal conflict.  Using real-life examples, Navigating Conflict helps you understand motivations of other people (and yourself). The book is packed with self-tests, exercises, and checklists to help you overcome old behaviors and bring your best attitudes to interactions with others. This book will help you develop strategies for navigating through conflict in the workplace and off-the-job.” Barbara Manning Grimm, Managing Editor for Plain Language Media, the publishers of Medical Office Manager and Law Office Manager.

“If you are working with others, have interpersonal relationships of any kind, or are in the workforce, you want to read this book. With our world so full of conflict, from personal to political issues, Dr. Lynne Curry’s newest book will help you navigate the challenges. Navigating Conflict gives you a roadmap to success in dealing with conflict and demanding situations with employees, co-workers, and in the workplace and at home.

“I write this as a business leader with 35 plus years working in the resource and technology industry, government, and the nonprofit sector. I have been an avid reader of Curry’s books and have found multiple answers to concerns I experienced during my career, thanks to her insightfulness and 40-years of experience counseling clients and business leaders worldwide. I recommend buying this book for yourself and your friends who confide in you about workplace issues. You are surely to find this book full of inspiration, and insightful, creative, and thoughtful answers.” Rebecca Parker, Executive Director, Anchorage Senior Activity Center, Alaska

“Dr. Curry’s Navigating Conflict provides real-world tools for managers facing the daily challenges of our complex and ever evolving workplaces. The skills attained from the lessons presented here are extremely valuable to our personal as well as our work lives. Curry provides practical tools and effective strategies for managing myself as well as employees. Her book thus benefits me and everyone I encounter, home or office. I’m grateful for this book, it’s a gift I keep on my desk.” Randall Kowalke Chief Executive Officer, Sunshine Community Health Services

“We all experience conflict.  Through a wealth of real-life examples and  action suggestions, Curry helps me understand conflict and how we can better manage and use conflict to  enjoy more profitable, and happier relationships.  This book is full of relatable lessons Curry shares from her 40 years of consulting and training in organizations.  The knowledge Curry shares has inspired me to look at conflict in new ways, and through this, helps me to understand and manage it in ways that benefit not only me, but those around me.” Barbara Elfman Bell, Chief People & Culture Officer, Rural Alaska Community Action Program

“Dr. Curry does it again!  Curry has a unique way of asking questions that makes you reflect inward and have light bulbs turn on! Her book, Navigating Conflict,  provides a practical guide to use at work or at home; to use with coworkers, personal acquaintances, or to provide self-recognition. Curry gives you a little bit of herself in the ‘YOUR TURN – ACTION STEPS” at the end of each chapter. You can hear her coaching you through different scenarios. Through Navigating Conflict, Curry provides you the tools to turn challenges into learning moments, and then into growth opportunities. This is a must read, must practice, and must share book!” Kimberly McCourtney, Sr Vice President, Alaska Mill Feed & Garden Center

“Curry writes with a direct approach that is refreshing.  In a professional world fraught with political correctness, creating paralysis among managers concerned about taking a misstep, Curry takes an approach that gives life to how conflict can and should be handled – both personally and professionally.  Reading this shows individuals how to take control of situations that they otherwise may avoid – and ‘gives permission’ to professionals to direct criticism and conflict down a productive path where resolution can occur.” Wendy Yow, Vice President of Human Resources, Credit Union 1

“Curry’s Navigating Conflict is written in a conversational format that makes for easy reading. That is not to say it is easy in that it challenges the reader to dig deep and recognize the part they play in conflict. Within minutes I was seeing myself in several of the situations and realizing there were things that I could have done differently to get a much better outcome. This will be a book that I will be recommending to my team and others!” Michele Sommer, Global Employee Relations Leader in a leading technology company

“In four decades as a management consultant, workplace coach, and expert witness, Lynne Curry has shown her expertise in dealing with difficult situations. In Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations, she provides practical guidance in managing conflict. This book provides strategies and tools for handling conflicts in the workplace and personal life, with real world examples and concrete action steps. Topics include responding to criticism, understanding your stories, and dealing with difficult individuals. No matter what your position is, you will benefit from this book.” Harry Cylinder, CPCU, ARM, Risk and Insurance Consultant, Beacon Insurance Services LLC

“In this immediately useful book, Lynne Curry teaches valuable tools for standing up for yourself and strengthening your backbone muscles. Put these exercises into practice; rehearse with a friend or a workmate, and you’ll see clear benefits. You’ll make the relationships with good character colleagues even stronger by having real discussions. And these same techniques will help you disarm bad-faith actors and bullies. I heartily recommend this book.” Ramji Srinivasan, Founder and CEO at

“This is the book we all need to read! In Navigating Conflict, Dr. Lynne Curry provides a practical, how-to manual for dealing with professional and personal conflict. Reading the book requires critical self-analysis that can lead to more productive relationships at work and at home. If you read this book, you will understand the role you have played in the conflicts in your life and a pathway to resolve those conflicts.” Clint Campion, J.D., Partner, Sedor Wendlandt Evans Filippi

“Conflict always seems like something aggressive and unkind, but if you read Lynne Curry’s Navigating Conflict, her practical tools will help you become the most trusted and followed leader and colleague. Most people want to know where they stand with you and this book will help you communicate clearly and early on to defuse relationship issues and create an environment of clear communication. You will find if you apply these practical tools in all areas of your life. Your relationships will be stronger, and you will feel like you have a voice and be able to use it.” Trisha Blake, M.S., Chief Marketing Officer

“Navigating Conflict by Lynne Curry is about how to make your business more successful by making employee – employer relationships more productive. Curry does this with relevant, true-to-life examples of conflicts on the job and then provides a host of tools to help managers and employees see both sides of every situation. Then she gives managers suggestions on how to communicate their own views in ways that lead to understanding and agreement instead of unproductive impasses or dictatorial declarations. Interestingly enough, the same solutions that help managers and their employees be more accountable on the job, work equally well when dealing with conflicts at home. Because ultimately, this book helps readers deal better with people, whatever their position, relationship or situation.” Wendy Lalli, Principal, Words & Beyond, LLC

“A large percentage of problems in the workplace stem from the avoidance of, or the inability to effectively handle, conflict.  Confronting and pro-actively dealing with conflict is a skill set that few inherently possess.  In Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations. Lynne Curry provides us with a common-sense, practical, and very useable tool set for improving our conflict -handling skills.  While the lessons of this book are most beneficial to handling workplace conflict, the skills acquired will benefit the reader in all aspects of their life where conflict may arise.  I will heartily recommend it to all my clients.” William Evans, J.D., Partner, Sedor Wendlandt Evans Filippi

“Lynne Curry’s decades of expertise in human relations and conflict resolution are on full display in Navigating Conflict. She provides insight into why conflict occurs and provides actual tactics and techniques for resolving conflict and tension in relationships, whether at or outside of work. This is a logical, as well as emotional, portrayal of the genesis of conflict, how they peak and how they fester or blowup and how to successfully resolve them. Spoiler alert: Curry’s book is not intended as a passive reading activity. Curry requires the reader to critically analyze their own experiences, and what to work on or get beyond, and how to do that. If the reader puts the work in, Curry’s strategies and insights will improve their conflict resolution skills as well as their life.” Charles Krugel, J.D., Charles A. Krugel Labor and Employment Law on Behalf of Business

“Navigating Conflict provides very helpful advice about the art of listening, which is very helpful in the contexts of the workplace, marriages, and for an attorney like myself, to learn information from witnesses, and/or negotiating and resolving problems with opposing parties. I appreciated learning the tools of paraphrasing and matching to enhance rapport, communication, and trust, as well as the types of questions to employ for resolving conflicts.  Navigating Conflict also provides helpful advice about stating facts versus judgments and setting up guardrails (cooling down) and maintaining the big picture before giving feedback.” Kenneth Gutsch, Attorney, Law Offices of Richmond & Quinn  

“Navigating Conflict is both valuable and extremely compelling. I loved the “discovering the stories you tell yourself,” her succinct writing and how Curry peppers the book with real-life examples that bring her points home.” Maxwell Mercer, M.S., Deputy Director, Community Connections, Inc.

“Navigating Conflict gives readers both the courage and the tools to communicate effectively during conflict.” Tiffany Van Horn, BU President at Corix Group of Companies

“Dr. Curry has done it again with another useful book for managers or anyone who is experiencing conflict in their lives. This book give clear, concise steps to using in settling all sorts of difficult situations. Whether you are having a problem with an employee, co-worker or a family member, Dr. Curry’s book can help you work the steps to find a solution.” David Morgan, Director, Alaskan Center for Sustainable Healthcare

“Dr. Lynne Curry provides practical guidance to navigate work place conflicts. The book is written in such a manner that you can see yourself in the scenarios. She provides examples that will walk you through a variety of scenarios in an easy-to-follow approach. The scenarios seem universally applicable to any work place. I highly recommend this book!” Tonia Burrough

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