Special Free Access to the Managing for Accountability App

We’ve completed the Managing for Accountability App through Praxie. I’m inviting blog readers to request the 15 free apps.


If you’ve not used Praxie before, you can try it for free. Praxie provides you templates for business best practices from experts around the world.

Managing for Accountability

Managing for Accountability, rated a solid 5-star across the reviews on Amazon, gives leaders and managers a toolbox containing everything they need to hire, inspire, manage, and retain accountable employees that do what they say they will and who invest 100-percent effort into their jobs.

The book is perfect for those who want a roadmap detailing exactly how to: choose exactly the right employee; set expectations for accountability as part of their company culture; inspire employees to “own” their jobs; effectively address problem behaviors that get in the way of maximum performance; retain their top talent; and create accountability in members of Gen X, Y and Z. Each chapter provides useful, practical, field-tested strategies and solutions, that can be immediately implemented.

Here’s all you need to do. Send a note to lynnewriter10@gmail.com outlining how you plan to us the information contained in the free apps.

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