Sticking My Neck Out & Asking You To Say What You Want In This Book

Employees who lack accountability wait for others to handle problems. They blame, complain, finger-point, and lament.

Employees lacking accountability drop balls and deflect responsibility with excuses. Deadlines are missed.

As a manager, you hear “it’s not my job” or “don’t make such a big deal out of it.” When you address performance issues, these employees react defensively and remain mired in a “not my problem” swamp. Sub-par performance becomes the norm.

I’ve wanted to write on accountability for a long time. There are some good books out there on this topic, but not the one I have in mind, a management/HR consultant’s “how to” find accountable employees and develop accountability in the employees you manage.

Here’s why I’m reaching out to you. I have a list of ten chapters and I’m wondering what you most want addressed in them AND what I’ve left out. I thought I’d ask now, as I’m fifty percent finished with the book, so I can take your interests and thoughts into account.

Here’s what I’m addressing:

  1. How accountability begins with you as a leader/manger;
  2. How to screen job applicants for accountability;
  3. The impact of company culture;
  4. How to lead your employee to take initiative and to give one hundred percent;
  5. How to use goals, scorekeeping to create an environment in which employees win;
  6. The missteps that lead good employers to lose their employees;
  7. How to inspire your employees to work as one;
  8. How to press the reset button should an employee start to slip;
  9. Concrete strategies for coaching employees;
  10. How to motivate employees of all generations.

So, please let me know, what topics do you hope I address? What do you hope to learn, relearn or gain from my next book? What will make this book an A+ read for you?

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2 thoughts on “Sticking My Neck Out & Asking You To Say What You Want In This Book

  1. Lynne, I am looking forward to reading your book! Any insights on reversing negative gossip trains would be great!

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