Make Something Special Happen in 2021

New Year’s Day. We survived. Tattered, but we weathered the storms.    

We handled what life threw at us, learned new skills, and we’re ready to close the door on 2020 and open 2021’s.

What do you want different this year? What do you want to achieve?  This is the year to dream and realize your dream.

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Why this year? In part because last year changed everything. So, why not 2021, only this time for the better? What could you make happen if you went full out in 2021?

Could you commit to an exercise program? Get a degree through an online university? Turn a hobby into a viable business? Or…

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I have a few dreams and goals. I made a few happen in 2020; others fell to the wayside. With the help of a furry trainer, I resolved to walk outside every day. We’ve logged 1172 miles, more than 4 miles a day & I’ve lost 9 pounds. My weight training became a casualty; I got 8- & 10-pound weights and they’re sitting there, but they don’t stare at me like the collie does.

I wanted to land an agent and find a publisher for my debut novel. I landed the agent & and connected with a publisher who commissioned 3 nonfiction books, the first of which is 80% completed. With your help, I restarted the blog on 5/27 & have connected with 2093 subscribers & 9403 visitors. Find the novel a publisher goes on my 2021 list.

And what about you? If you want to make something special happen in 2021:

Clear the deck.

You can’t move quickly dragging sludge. Whenever you want to excel in a new arena, you need to abandon bad habits. As my personal trainer would say, put the phone down and pick up the leash.

See the world through the eyes of belief.

When you put your hand in front of your face, you partially block out the sun. What self-defeating blockages do you carry with you? Do you let doubts, regrets or procrastination lame you? Don’t let negativity flash-freeze forward-moving energy.

Take action. Dreams materialize when you take action.

Don’t let goals drift away. Or hesitate to set goals because you didn’t achieve last years. Once you’ve set your course, assess what got in your way last year what you’ll do differently. Vow to make new mistakes rather than repeating last years.

Then select your first step and take it. You can stall or you can start. The choice is yours. The New Year gives you a reset opportunity. Take it.

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Tale action. Do something right now that moves you toward achieving your goals. Make a phone call, develop a plan, pick up the door leash and head for the park, pick up the weights and do ten reps and then another set of ten.

4 thoughts on “Make Something Special Happen in 2021

  1. Love this article! Your personal trainer is wise, “put the phone down and pick up the leash.” I also want to try something new and this encouraged me to go for it! – Tonia

    PS…I realize Zeke is your trainer, he’s such a good motivator!

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