New Year: Your Voice is Needed

Have you ever read a blog post that hit home? Led you to rethink how you were acting? Inspire you to take action? Helped you change course?

Have you ever finished a novel and felt lighter and better when you finished it than when you first picked it up?

If so, you know why I write, and why your voice is needed in this New Year.

We’ve got a LOT to fix.

When I was eight and wrote a poem, I wanted to tell the world, “Here’s what’s happening to me; here’s why you should care.

Since then, I’ve published five books (three still on Amazon) and two hundred thousand articles and blog posts. I’m revising my debut novel.

Why? For you.

Because I know something happens when I write, and you read. If I’ve done my writing job well, you consider what I’ve said and think “does that apply to me?” or “do I care and if so, what do I do?”

Here’s the truth — Writers, whether of blog posts, articles, short stories or novels, can change the way their readers see the world.

Writers can explain situations, instill empathy in their readers, offer invaluable advice, point out unforgettable truths and transform and rewire how their readers view situations and think about their lives.

What do I think you might want to do with this information? If you agree with me, that we’re a badly divided country and face a terrifying climate challenge, you want to create a better future, you’ll start writing.

Why you? Because you’ve got a voice, an important one. You’re real. You care. You have insights others could use.

What might you write that might cause another to reassess and drop a phony prejudice; to reach out to a former loved one they’ve written for a reason they longer even fully remember, or to act in a way that positively changes the world.

What are you passionate about that you want others to hear?

Don’t believe me? If not, consider — has reading this post made you think about writing your own? If so, you’ve proved to yourself the value of you writing a post that changes the world by changing the views or even the lives of those who read what you write.

If you pick up this challenge, please let me know. I’d love to read what you’ve written.  

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2 thoughts on “New Year: Your Voice is Needed

  1. Yes I am writing for my doctoral program and considering publication in a peer review journal. I enjoy your writing and look forward to reading your revised novel. Two books that changed my world view, The Alchemist and Shantaram.

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