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Those of you know the blog well know that I normally post 3 to 4 interesting articles weekly.

That was before total knee replacement, however, I’m finishing week 2 & told I’m @ about week 3 of healing, credit to my in-home nursing assistants

Zeke on the left won’t leave my side; trouble-maker Gabriel on the right is teaching me everything I need to know to keep my balance

It will be another week before I create new material; however there are 615 articles on the blog. If you press the 3 blue lines @ the upper right of the home pages, you’ll see the categories in which you’ll find them:






Conflict & communications



HR/Human resources & operations


Legal aspects of management

Management and supervision

Office politics

Personal growth

Professional growth

Remote work and virtual workplaces



Looking forward to creating new material soon

3 thoughts on “Treasure Trove of the Valuable, Interesting & Fun

  1. Lynne–keep on concentrating on healing. Great to see that you have two fine nursing assistants with such “balanced” perspectives! Will be thinking about you.

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