Aborted Break In Heroes

Aborted break in. Middle of the night. Shed broken into. Ladder put up to the second floor. Window pried open.

I’ve seen Zeke in action before. Getting in between danger and his bro. Or danger and a friend. Or danger and myself. He comes from a long line of sheep herders who take on wolves.

Gabe is a star as well. Much larger now than in the photo. He comes from Wales, and a long line of goat herders. Fierce on the cliffs. Ready for anyone.

The night’s heroes. All is safe. An a security system now installing to back up my smart collie heroes.

3 thoughts on “Aborted Break In Heroes

  1. Thank God for your puppies! Is this sort of thing common in your area? I would have thought you would escaped all the crime rampant in the cities.

  2. Hi Lynne,
    Very glad You are safe and sound. Dogs are alert and loyal and don’t need electricity or back up batteries to be operational unlike “security” systems.
    All The Best to You and Your Protectors,

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