How do you deal with a JERK, er, “toxic person” in the workplace?

“Jerk!” That’s what you think but you can’t say it out loud. You’ve got to work with him/her/them. They are, in the politically correct world, “difficult” people. So, how do you handle “difficult people?” Fortunately, there is now a roadmap. NAVIGATING CONFLICT is that guiding light. It offers a step-by-step procedure and provides tools for dealing with, again, being politically correct, “toxic people.” Best of all, Curry has not only ‘written the book’ on dealing with toxic people, she has field-tested her theories. A great book for dealing with those, er, difficult people in the workplace. Steven Levi, author of more than 80 books

Lynne Curry has distilled her decades of expertise into this short, pithy read. I love this book! It cuts through ‘theory’ and gives leaders specific actions they can take now to bring their organizations to new heights of success. This book is a practical guide for leaders on how to inspire and engage team members in any type of organization. Managing for Accountability outlines practical and actionable steps to attract, inspire, and motivate employees to take full responsibility for organizational success. It shows you how to motivate by linking employee goals to organizational goals, ensuring a win-win for all. Your organization will benefit, and your staff will be engaged and inspired when you start using Lynne’s wise and practical advice. Cat Fur Studio

Navigating Conflict: Tools for Tough, Touchy Situations and Conversations” is a must-read for anyone in a leadership role. The story-based format is founded on real-life examples and draws from Lynne Curry’s four decades of experience. I shook my head in agreement and related to similar situations I had experienced. I wished I had the information in this book to help navigate those past conflicts. Dr. Curry actively engages the reader at each step by asking probing questions and providing exercises that the reader can immediately use at home or in the workplace. In addition, Dr. Curry conveys to the reader complex concepts with ease, such as building the necessary skills needed when faced with criticism challenges. “I had already started building my toolkit from just the first few pages.” Lisa Oliver, Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Lynne Curry, is someone I personally admire in how she guides you through various scenarios that make you stop and think about how and what you are saying to someone who may be ultra-sensitive or negative. She is has a positive way of assisting you craft your words to for a successful outcome. It is a must-read book. She is an expert in Psychology, and body language as well. You will find improvement in your own abilities after reading her book on Navigating conflicts. Rebecca Parker, Executive Director, Anchorage Senior Activity Center

Lynne Curry’s new book, Navigating Conflict: Tools for Difficult Conversations, is a gem. Filled with effective and practical advice for touchy and tricky situations, this book is a must for anyone wanting to tool up and become more effective communicators both personally and professionally. Curry’s writing is both engaging and empowering. Curry has a knack for connecting with the reader and taking us on a journey through her powerful storytelling that weaves in simple solutions for difficult situations. I will be adding this book to my permanent library along with her equally seminal book, Beating the Workplace Bully. Jessie Sutherland, author of Worldview Skills and TEDx Speaker

Five of the twelve 5-star reviews on Amazon; I would love you try Navigating Conflict as well,; you can find more information and a sneak preview on

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