Don Lemon & Nikki Haley & Past Her Prime

Seriously? CNN anchor Don Lemon calls Nikki Haley past her prime at 51, and then defends himself by saying “google it” and “don’t shoot the messenger?”

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And then calls his statement “inartful”?

Let’s call it what it is. A man smugly shaming a woman of 51 who dares to say, “give me a chance to lead this country.”

Prime for what? And to whom? Prime for child-bearing? For looking enticingly young? I love it when someone takes on challenges at 51 or at any age.

Lemon’s comment wasn’t made by a messenger. It was made by someone who chose to collude with those who shame individuals who make themselves vulnerable through acts of bravery.

Like probably many of you, I’ve experienced those types of comments by those who smugly comment to take others down—and am glad he got called out.

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  1. I agree. I read an article also that he didn’t make similar comments about Vice President Kamala Harris or Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson, which makes his sexist/ageist comment also seem politically motivated. Then he followed up with the classic non-apology. There will be people who disengage on this because of their politics, but the reality is that we should hold people to the same standard regardless of which party they belong to and which party they are attacking. This would have been considered universally unacceptable had he made this comment about VP Harris Or Justice Jackson. Hopefully the same standard will be applied.

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