I’ve loved having my birthday mid-February. The days are brighter. The weather’s warmer for walking.

Photo by Anand Dandekar on Pexels.com

This birthday I’m celebrating by creating goals in all areas.

For the next year and every day, starting today I’ll do something that reminds me of our freedom to create.

In the last year, I’ve channeled much of that energy into completing a novel.

This year my birthday present to myself is the freedom to create the life I want, to be who I want to be—the freedom we all have every day regardless of who and where we are—

—for me this translates into getting more fit in all areas:

  • My collies miss the year when we walked 4 to 6 miles a day…we stopped due to knee replacement and foot surgery…but we’ve restarted. I want the fitness that allows me to visit Alaska’s mountains again, up close and personal
  • Spiritual fitness—I’ve loved taking part in two church services via Zoom, but it’s time to come back into in person
  • Relationships
  • Continued writing…

So here’s the decision, one special event a day in one of those areas.

And if you have a similar celebration in mind, please share it, so I can support you as well.

(c) 2023 Lynne Curry

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One thought on “Freedom to Be

  1. I don’t have many goals. Get better at Sudoku. Get better at the Jumble, in a very belated tribute to my father, who excelled at this kind of puzzle, now in my newspaper. Keep going to Toastmasters and try to get committed to keeping to the assigned time limit. Work at being persuasive and not giving way to being dismissive or wanting to attack those whose positions you disagree with, even when they seem to be unthinking racist bigots.

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