1036 miles since COVID began

When the gym closed last March, my personal trainer, a collie, rejoiced and pointed with his nose toward the door. “It’s cold, icy and dark,” I protested, and he mouth-grabbed the leash from the hook.

Eight months later, the collie’s lost two pounds and I’ve lost nine, and we’re walking four to five miles a day. When the pandemic loosens its grip, I’m not sure I’ll give up this walking habit, not that my collie pup will let me, although it’s back to being cold and icy. But the ducks are out and so are we. Hope you’ll join us:)

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3 thoughts on “1036 miles since COVID began

  1. Lynne–impressive. Your collie is herding you toward good cardiovascular health! HOpe you both are able to stay at it.

    1. Yes! I’ve always had a golden retriever or a collie who needs walks, and today @ 19 degrees it seemed even colder than the other day @ 9 degrees, and I wondered about stopping after once around the lake, but by the end of that lap, I started to warm up & by the end of the second it was, okay, you can do a 3rd. And of course I didn’t want to let a soft-eyed dog down.

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